What Nivea say’s about this product:
Review-Nivea-Protect-Care-Deodorant (1)
Price: Rs. 199.
Fragrance: Floral.
Shelf life: 2 Yrs.
Net Content: 150 ml.
Availability: Easily available at all departmental stores or you can buy it online here.
My thoughts:

Although we’ve seen some scattered showers, it looks like the heat is here to stay. Moreover, what really gets to me is the humidity and that sweaty feeling. So I embarked on a hunt for a deodorant to tackle this sticky situation and came across Nivea Protect & Care. The product’s USP is that it uses similar ingredients and has that traditional Nivea Crème fragrance. I’m sure most of us have memories of that blue tin jar, found in every household! The Nivea Protect & Care deodorant stays true to tradition, packaged in a tin spray can with the signature blue packaging. This product claims to protect your skin against irritation and odour for up to 48 hours, so I decided to put it to the test.

I have been using this product regularly for the past few days, and although I haven’t tested the stipulated 48 hour claim, it did keep me fresh and odour-free for at least 6-8 hours. It did, however, make my underarms feel slightly less sticky. I even tried spraying it on my black shirt to see whether, like most deodorants, it stains, and thankfully it passed the test.

This product has no alcohol, which is rare when you consider competing deodorants available in the market. It’s also dermatologically gentler on the skin, which is important for the sensitive underarm region. Ideally, you should not spray deodorants/perfumes after a shave, as it will burn your skin and cause rashes. However, Nivea’s no-alcohol formula makes it safe to use even after shaving, although I would still advise against this and suggest spraying it on your clothes instead.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the Nivea Protect & Care deodorant and would suggest you to give this one a go!

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