We all have that one person we can count on. In my case, it’s my best friend. There’s a reason such friendships are so valuable – we always have the option to back out, but with the truly authentic ones, we never do. At the end of the day, through thick and thin, we choose the companions we want by our side – the ones worth sticking around for. We often take for granted the term ‘best friend’, but if you’re lucky enough, they possess a few striking qualities.

My best friend and I do not always have time to grab that coffee or have those long phone calls with our busy schedules, but if I ever need anything, she’s there in a flash. Most of all a best friend is genuine, trustworthy, dependable, supportive, and thoughtful. Put simply, they always have your back and push you to be the best you can. It’s never a task to be around her and you know she’s the real deal when you look forward to her company. Most importantly, dependability cannot be understated because no matter how far I’ve gone, she’s the one who’s first to help me back up. And lastly, thoughtful because your best friend needs to have you on their minds when it counts.

LAVA Mobile Phones share these same qualities – genuine, trustworthy, dependable, supportive, and thoughtful, amongst others. LAVA Mobile Phones have a powerful rear camera which help us take great selfies, and they work long hours without any hassle. They are easily upgradeable to Android 6.0, while downloading has become faster with Cat4 4G LTE. LAVA Mobile Phones are built on trust and reliability, and the company believes in delivering premium quality and service to their customers. To know more about LAVA Mobiles head over to their website here.

So grab yourself a best friend – LAVA Mobile Phones never let you down!

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