Gone are the days when I used to look at the Ipsy and Birchbox websites, subscribe to their email alerts and hope and pray for services like that in my country. Now, we have such a plethora of subscription boxes to choose from! The subscription box industry is booming, and it’s not even limited to just beauty anymore. Here is an updated latest list of the boxes available in India. Take your pick! GloBox   Care   Beyond   Monthly Subscription Box For Beauty Products in India   Online Shop For Beauty Products in India

Beauty boxes

This is how it all began! With different subscriptions and prices, this one is perfect to indulge in a not-so-expensive beauty treat while in the comfort of your own house.

Fab Bag – This one doesn’t need any introduction, does it? Plans start from INR 599 for a 1 month bag, and the bags get heavily discounted when you opt for 3/6/12 months. Affordable and attractive, this one is your pick if you don’t want to bother researching and thinking too much. Buy it here.
MSM box – Want glowy skin? Or a perfect hair shaving regime? MSM box is just for you! Their newer Ritual boxes are specially designed to serve specific purposes. For a more general serve-all need, try their Express (INR 495) or Select box (INR 995) here.
My Envy Box – This box has not only a beauty subscription from high-end top-notch brands (INR 895), but also boasts of carefully curated jewellery box (INR 2450). Check them out here.
Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box – Costing INR 695 every month, this box delivers 5 deluxe and 1 full-sized beauty samples from the same brand in a different dedicated theme every month. Click here to know more.
Gia Bath and Body box – Similar to the box above, this company delivers about 4 deluxe sized fresh new products (even before they are released out to the common women!) Check them out here.
Glo Box – A newbie to the market, this one also delivers skin care, makeup and hair care products at INR 799 per month. Most brands are natural and organic. Use the code GLO20 to get 20 percent off your first subscription. Subscribe here.
Oh Cute Box – Another service which came to the market pretty recently, this box is priced at INR 590 per month and provides you with 5-7 best natural beauty products that match your profile. They also have a box especially for the new much raved about sheet masks. Check them out here, At INR 399 per month, this bag creates a selection of trail packs. This means different products to try experiment and play with every month!
Eve Box – This box costs INR 800 and you could receive anything a women needs! Skin care, makeup, fragrances, jewellery and even hygiene products. Sounds nice? Click here for more.

The Little Bauble Box   Your Personal Jewelry Stylist

Jewellery boxes

What’s the point of great skin and fab make-up if you can’t adorn it with beautiful jewels? Look here for at door delivery of jewellery suited to your needs.

My Envy Box – If you read through so far, you know I mentioned this! My Envy Box costs INR 2450 for a set of featured good quality jewellery. Click here to try them out.
Zotiqq Box – Starting INR 1500 each month, this one sends a surprise jewellery pieces (selected keeping the latest trends in mind) to your doorstep every month. Book your box here.
Embellishment Box – When we were little girls, most of us loved adorning ourselves with pretty hairbands and jewels! Embellishment box therefore has 2 types of subscription – one for women (INR 1200/month) and one for all the little girls (INR 750/month). Perfect for gifting at all those birthday parties in the neighborhood. Head over to their website here.
The Little Bauble Box – Why should you wear the same jewellery as your friend? The Little bauble box understands how we die a little inside every time we see someone else wearing the same pieces or clothes as us. Every box, therefore, is different from the other. You take a style survey and choose from the ‘bold – PLUSH’ or the ‘easy going fashionista – CHIC’ plan. The CHIC box costs INR 2500 while the PLUSH box, which is for your own red carpet moment, costs a whopping INR 4500. For more information click here. (I have also done an outfit post on this! Check it out here.)
So that’s hopefully all the beauty and jewellery boxes available in our country. Wait for the Part 2 which will cover lifestyle, women needs and snack/tea boxes. Think I’ve missed out on anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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