I am someone who is always on the lookout for the latest in all things beauty, be it skincare, makeup or any beauty related services. With the wedding season still going on in full swing Lakmé Salon have added some new bridal services to their menu. Specially created for the lovely bride to be, to ensure she looks a million dollar from head to toe.

These services have been categorised for each and every skincare need.

Hair: Just for you spa ( which has De-stress Spa / Enhance Spa with 3 types of top-ups)

Skin: Face – Luminance 3+ Ritual

Body – Marine Body Glow

Hand and Feet : Lakme Signature Ritual

I was given a chance to review one of the services for you guys and of course I went with the Marine Body glow. I have been on the quest to get soft, smooth and spotless skin for quite some time now and honestly let me say, its no easy task. So The Marine body glow sounded like quite a treat for my dry, rough skin (Thank you winter!)

What Lakmé Salon says about Marine Glow: Looking to refresh, revive and rejuvenate your overexposed skin? Lakmé Salon, known for the innovative services developed by its backstage experts, launches Marine Body Glow. The Marine Body Glow service removes dead skin built-up leaving a soft and smooth body skin. It stimulates the blood flow and helps in detoxifying, which helps in reducing cellulite. It uses seaweed as an ingredient and is a body polishing service which helps in exfoliation, hydration and helps in detan.

Step One (Scrub): The service starts with scrubbing your body with marine ingredients such as sea water, minerals, seaweed and sea salts to exfoliate. This step deep cleansing your skin by removing all the dirt and dead cell off. The beautician spend good 20 – 30 minutes scrubbing my body.

Note: Do not try this service right after waxing or shaving your skin, wait at least 2 days for your skin to heal or the salt in the scrub will give you slight discomfort.

Step Two (Pack): The scrub is then wiped off your body with a towel soaked in hot water. Post which a light green coloured mask made up of Sea weed is applied all over your body, this masks leaves a cooling effect. Then your body is covered in two layer of blanket while your pack is left to dry for 20 minutes. 5 minutes post application the pack starts feeling warm, the feeling is similar to when you apply Vicks vapour rub on your body. The beautician said this pack is great for any one who has body ache, cough or congested chest. This was such a relaxing feeling that I fell asleep.

Step Three (Massage): Once the pack is dry, it is then wiped off with a towel soaked in hot water and then dried. The beautician begins the third step by giving you a deep tissue massage with seaweed infused oil. The massage was rejuvenating and helped with the lower back pain I was facing due to incorrect posture. This oil honestly is so moisturising that even 2 – 3 days post the service the skin felt nourished, which is saying a lot because we all know how dehydrated our skin feels during winters.

Time: One and a half hour.

Price: Rs.3500

Available At Lakmé Salons in the country.

Honestly I am in love with this service. It not just removes your dead skin but also helps with those pesky in-growths. This 3 step process insures the your skin is refreshed and replenished. Marine glow is not just limited to brides, weather you have an occasion coming up or just want to treat yourself this is a complete package that will rejuvenate your skin and making it look smooth, soft and supple.

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Nice post. I really loved it. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Glad you liked it 😀


But the lakme salons where I leave they charge 4500 for marine Body Glow


Hey, this article was written in 2016, I’m assuming they must have increased the rates 🙂

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