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Cape: Global Desi, Tank Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Levis, Bag: Tresmode & Shoes: Zara.

There are a lot of “Firsts” in this post, like this is the first Outfit post for the year (Kind of), first celebrity inspired post and also the first post in a long time which has no brand collaboration involved, this post is solely for the purpose of doing what I love. For me and many like me, blogging started out as a mean to voice our thoughts, opinion and passion in a fun way but with the digital turnover it quickly turned into a profession, which I am not complaining about. There are a lot of people who work digitally full time as youtuber, blogger and so on. For me blogging is a part of what I do for a living, don’t get me wrong majority of us will only work with brands which matches the aesthetics of our blog, suits our style and personality and money is something which comes latter. Working as a blogger kind of took over my idea of blogging as passion. I started working on deadlines and not on creativity, work started pilling up and for me writing content became a huge struggle. I don’t know if you remember but in the past I have complained about not posting as often as I would like to and working on more content. With the start of the new year and whole upgrade of my blog I have changed a lot (Like I promised). I finished off all the pilled up work and finally began working on the creative aspect of my blog, doing more of what I like and what you might find helpful. Not only am I focusing on putting up more posts, I have also started working on my youtube channel. Also I see a lot of people publishing the same content on all of their social media, which I don’t mind but for me I prefer each space to have something unique. I mean why will a person follow me on different network if they want to see the same old content. May be it has to do with my OCD, I like my space looking nice visually and I do take the time to eliminate anything which might “clutter” my social media feed. I have shot and reshot posts which I am not 100% satisfied with because I don’t want to put up something that I personally am not happy with just for the sake of putting something up. I pride myself for putting up posts, photos and videos which is of the best quality that I can provide.

Rambling aside, lets get back to the topic we all came here for, the post of course. With the ever growing rise of the Kardashian clan I thought it will be fun to put up a “Kim Kardasian” inspired outfit post. I have seen her sporting this hair-do a couple of times recently and decided to give it a go myself. Since we all know how bad I am at doing braids, the lovely Ankita who also happens to be the photographer for this post helped me do the hair (She’s literally the best person I know when it comes to doing anything fun with your hair). This outfit is what I feel Kim K would wear if she has to go out for grocery shopping, well if she does her own grocery shopping that is. Her style involves a lot of skin hugging clothes and the highest of heels. This outfit is perfect to add that extra oomph to your casual outfit game this season.

Hope to enjoyed this post, Do let me know what you think of this Kim K inspired look.

Photographer: Ankita Ambavale

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love the whole look and I’m really loving the whole new look of your blog! 😀


Thanks a lot Bharti! So glad you liked it 😀

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