I am someone who always enjoyed attending workshops and classes, it is so much fun plus you get to learn and interact with like minded people. Recently Pearl Academy hosted a special event called “A day at Pearl” where students could go to their campus and witness how a Pearlites (Students of pearl) spend their day. There were a bunch of activities and workshops happening around the campus and you could also interact with all the counsellors about your views and future academic plans. The work shops included Photography, Styling, Design, Makeup and much more.

Before we proceed any further a little about Pearl Academy, Pearl Academy has been around for more than two decades. Their aim is to provide higher learning with a focus on Internationalism; entrepreneurship and employability; catering to the needs of the design, fashion, business and retail industry. Pearl Academy is also have their centres in Delhi NCR, Jaipur and Mumbai.


I was actually really excited for this event since I am planning to do MBA in Fashion and there were a bunch of questions in my head regarding the course suitable for me. These kind of events are great for anyone like me who want some career guidance in the creative field, since Pearl Academy does have a lot of courses available under them and one on one session with the counsellors and mentors will help us see things in better light. The event was held at their Mumbai Campus, which is in Andheri (East) last month and I along with Magali got to spend the entire afternoon checking out the workshops and what actually goes around the fashion and design campus.



Our day started with talking to Nandita Abraham, the Executive Vice President of Pearl Academy about Pearl Academy, various UG and PG courses available and about the new age career one can build. She also told us how Pearl Academy is up to date with their courses on the future requirement of industry so that the students are prepared for it by the time the particular business is in full swing. She gave us the example of Sports Management course which will be the next big thing in India.


After our conversation with Nandita Abraham, we got to visit the entire campus and see the various classrooms, labs and facilities that Pearl Academy is equipped with. We also saw various photography, Style and Image and Makeup workshops happening live. Honestly it was a fun filled day for us and I personally got to learn a lot.



I suggest you to check out Pearl Academy website here and their social media accounts (Facebook, TwitterInstagram) to stay updated with workshops like these, since they do participate quite actively in such events.

Also I got to visit the Pearl Academy stall and workshops at Kala Ghoda, watch the video here:-

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