When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Are you automatically drawn to noticeable stretch marks, old acne scars, or cellulite? You might find that a Dermaroller treatment is just what you need to improve your appearance and give you the confidence boost you need. If you haven’t heard about this treatment, it’s time to look at the facts.
 Causes of Skin Conditions 
It will do you no good to learn how the Dermaroller works if you don’t know what causes skin conditions. Hormones, bacteria, and clogged pores are all culprits that cause acne which can leave scars on the skin’s surface. Fat pockets in the skin can result in lumpy, dimpled skin. Any of these things cause skin conditions. One that we all face sooner or later is the effect of aging. When we get older, skin sags and stretches, leaving us with wrinkles. This condition is due to the loss of elastin and collagen, which our bodies stop producing.

Explaining the Dermaroller Procedure 
Unlike a cosmetic laser, a Dermaroller is not a machine. Instead, it is a hand held tool with a rolling pin like section covered in about two hundred medical grade needles. The procedure, called skin micro-needling, is to move the Dermaroller across the skin surface. This results in tiny punctures in the skin, which invokes a response by the body to start healing naturally. New cells develop in nearby pores and both collagen and elastin are made in reaction. The new skin is tighter and thicker, giving it more strength and resilience than the old cells provided.
 The procedure is not as painful as laser therapy. Dermarollers can be uncomfortable, but that can easily be reduced by using a numbing cream before application. Additionally, you can also boost the experience with the use of vitamin enriched creams which are quickly absorbed into the skin when used with the treatment.
 Skin Conditions Treated by Dermarollers 
A Dermaroller can be applied to multiple skin conditions. It can be used on lumpy or dimpled skin to smooth out the surface. When used on scars, the treatment encourages the skin to replace the old cells with new, rejuvenated ones, thus reducing the scars themselves.
 Many people focus on the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks which are common skin conditions. Instead of an ablative procedure, they turn to Dermarollers to remove the wrinkles and improve skin texture.
 Length of Time for Dermaroller Treatments 
Depending on how big a skin area to be treated in a session, it might take around thirty minutes or so to complete a Dermaroller treatment. If only a small area is being treated, it may be done in as little as ten minutes.

 How many times you will need to be treated also varies. You can usually see results in less than a week. For more extensive skin conditions, you will need to repeat treatments for more noticeable results.Before deciding on which method to use, do some research to find out what each method works well, what merits each one has, and how well they fit your budget. Make certain to speak to your doctor or dermatologist to determine how best to treat your skin condition.

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