In India It’s a taboo to talk about lingeries in public. I still remember talking about bra’s in hushed voice with my friends and not to forget those code words i.e B & Ps. I would be an hypocrite if I say I don’t get scandalised talking about these things in public but I guess with 2016 its time we (I) break couple of norms and move towards a more broad perspective especially when in comes to educating ourselves about lingeries. For the longest time I contemplated about talking/ reviewing lingeries on my blog but I guess we do need to start somewhere. Today I am going to introduce you ladies to the latest innovation that Triumph has launched called the “Magic Wire” collection.
With the Magic Wire bra’s triumph claims to provide you the perfect combination of extreme comfort, sensational fit and chic style. Magic Wire’s has this amazing new cup design which has a soft, flexible built-in silicon wire that provides all the support of a traditional metal wire, without the irritating discomfort or digging in pressure that so often occurs with standard under wire bras.
To be honest when I first saw the bra I did have my doubts, the bra that does all of the above plus looks pretty, sounds too good to be true. The moment I wore it I was quite taken aback with the comfort. I wore the bra straight for 24 hours (Even when I was sleeping) and I am not kidding when I say, It felt like I had no bra on. The Magic wire bra is soft, lightweight with a smooth finish which is invisible under clothes (Three cheers for no bra lines?). Bra’s are something that we wear through out the day, daily and I cant explain how important it is to have a comfortable bra that fits well. You can head to your nearby Triumph kiosk and get yourself fitted so you too can get your bra’s in the perfect fit.
The Magic wire bra’s come in two styles, an all-over smooth option for total invisibility under extremely close-fit tops and dresses and a more decorative 3D lace style with lace insets and contrasting border trims in nude and a cute front bow motif if you like sexy lingeries.
The Magic Wire range has three colour options available: Black, Blue & Red. These bra’s also comes with matching briefs! The bras are priced at Rs. 1699 and Briefs at RS. 499. The sizes which are available for the Bras: 32 – 26 B, 32 – 38 C, 34 – 36 D & S-XL for briefs.
I am loving the “Magic Wire” collection and cant wait to get my hands on the black variant! To know more about Triumph head over to their website here or show em’ some love on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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