Dress, Bag, Accessories: Thrifted, Sandals: Marie Claire.
Along with the drop in the temperature, winter also marks the arrival of musical festivals. With each passing year, India is getting introduced to a variety of concerts & festivals. Being a DJ & music lover I love the whole vibe that these festivals bring in. The idea of being surrounded by thousands and thousands of like minded people who are united by one passion, music, is more than thrilling and makes me want to go back each year. This year I will be attending Bacardi EVC, if any of you are planning to attend this, definitely let me know, it will be fun to catch up with you.
Long maxi dress, a back pack to store all my essentials, flats and not to forget a whole lot of vintage jewellery is how I would typically get dressed for a festival. Hope you enjoy this look, comment below and tell me what would your perfect music festival outfit be.

Photographer: Karishma Rawat.

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