Did you know that acne can increase while you are under stress? Your body generally directs bloods and oxygen to the distressed areas. Once your skin becomes deprived of oxygen and blood, it becomes dehydrated and the pores get clogged, causing breakouts. These are the few tips you can try to keep Acne at bay.

Washing your Face Right:  Washing your face twice a day can get rid of dead skin, extra oil and other impurities that might cause breakouts. Do not use hot water; warm water and a mild cleanser will do the trick. Avoid soaps with deodorant properties since they can hurt an inflamed region of the skin, pick one that fights germs. While drying your face, do not scrub your skin harshly with a towel, just dab.

Scrubbing: Do not use a loofah or an exfoliating sponge on your face. You can use a facial scrub occasionally, if necessary. While choosing a scrub, it is best to pick one with dissolvable properties, like a sugar scrub. Else, the hard scrub particles might get clogged in the pores. Again, pat your face dry with a dry towel. Regularly launder your towel.

Moisturize: As mentioned above, dehydrated skin might succumb to breakouts. You can use a moisturiser according to your skin type to minimize this. Also, do not use too many lotions and creams if you have sensitive skin.

Cosmetics: The same applies for makeup. Use oil free products that allow the skin to breathe. Using oil based products can clog the pores and also irritate the skin. Also, it is best to choose products that are labelled ‘noncomedogenic’, meaning products that do not cause acne.

Washing Hands: We touch our face at least 10 to 20 times a day. Dirty hands can transfer germs to the face, which can ultimately cause breakouts. Practice the habit of hand washing, especially after using the toilet and touching contaminated surfaces. Also make sure to clean your cellphone daily with rubbing alcohol to help prevent acne.

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