With winter scarcely weeks away, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. This season isn’t just about sweaters, jackets, and scarves; it’s about picking the right outfit and decking yourself out in colours that complement the chilly weather.
Sporting the wrong shades can make you look and feel old, tired, and ill, which you wouldn’t want, unless you’re looking to take a day off from work.
As traditional attire is the rage these days, you should try something unique—build a collection of kurtis to wear this season! But the wide range of colour choices for long kurtis online may leave you baffled, so to ease up your hunt, here’s a list of such kurtis you can rock this winter.
Calming Blues
How can you talk about winter fashion without mentioning the colour blue?
It’s undeniably the official colour of the season. Winter is cool and seems to slow things down, and shades of blue mirror the feel of the season.
Slip on a blue kurti and complete the outfit with contrast leggings. Try to avoid muted colours; solid and sharp shades are the way to go.
Soothing Greens



Green is another colour that you can effortlessly sport this winter. Reminiscent of nature’s earthiness, greens will bring out the soft and vibrant side in you. Pair your long kurtis with colours like white and black to make a bold style statement.
Wondering where to look for chic, traditional attire this season? Just log on to Rediff, where you can build your ideal collection for winter from the vast assortment of traditional clothing.
Bright Berries
Bored of pale, icy colours? Beat the winter blues with vivid shades of red and maroon. These eye-catching, bright tones will certainly evoke fun and optimism on a chilly, mundane morning.
Elegant Orchids




The classy tones of orchid—purple, purple-pink, and fuchsia—have been the buzzword in fashion lately. Smart and sophisticated, purple hues are the perfect colours for your evening parties this winter. Want to make heads turn as you make a grand entrance? You know this colour is sure to bring out your inner style.
So that’s a short list of a few colour options that you may want to try on this winter. Be sure to wear leggings that complement the hue of your kurta. You could even slip on some gold-toned bangles to add glam to your ensemble.

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