Dress: Vero Moda, Belt: AND, Cuff: Pipa Bella, Bag: Thrifted, Sandals: Tresmode
Growing up I was never bothered about the kind of shoes I would wear. I remember having exactly three pairs of shoes, a black ballerina that I would wear occasionally, black converse for those active days and one ugly pair of chappals that I used regularly. At the age of 16 I read “A man (In my case, a woman) is judged by his (her) shoes”, this quote got stuck to me like glue. Its so true a wrong (ugly) pair of shoes can ruin your entire outfit! Did you know that there is a pair of shoes for every outfit and occasion. Now I am a proud owner of almost 52 pairs of shoes (which I try to hide from my mom)
On similar lines I would like to introduce a brand which needs no introduction, Tresmode. I am sure you all must be familiar with this brand. I got my first pair of Tresmode shoes 4 years back and its still going strong till date. If you have read any of my previous outfit post you would have noticed a lot of them have Tresmode featured in them. The main reason I love this brand is because along with the unique style it also gives you an amazing quality.
These Tan Sandals by Tresmode is perfect for daily wear as its comfortable and goes with almost everything. To view more of their products head here or to their FacebookTwitter & Instagram Page.





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