What Spinz say’s about this product:

Price: Rs. 89.


Fragrance: Like a cream.

Colour of the product: White.

Shelf life: 2 year

Net Content: 50g
Availability: Easy

My thoughts: 
a typical Indian, I hate getting tanned! Don’t take me wrong I don’t have a
problem with my wheatish completion, it’s just that I don’t like my skin tone
getting couple of shades darker than it already is. But as the summer has
passed the sun has left behind 2-3 layers of tan. Each year I try many methods
to get rid of the sun tan, be it home made remedies or store bought products
but it’s a slow process that takes couple of months easily to get back to where
it all began. 
a whine-session with my best friends she suggested that I try out bleaching. Oh
the horrors of it! For some reason just the thought of applying bleach on my
face petrifies me to death. I find bleaching the skin an extremely harsh method
and I would never try it out myself. 
I came across Spinz Sun Tan Remover and the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t have Bleach in
it (Phew). Also when I looked at the ingredients I saw that it has Honey
(Natural lightener) and Saffron (Skin Brightener). After being completely
satisfied with the ingredients I followed the step by step instructions. I
started by washing my face and taking the product on two of my fingers. Then I applied
a layer of it all over my face, leaving out the eye area. I kept the product on
for around 5-10 minutes and washed it off. Throughout the process I didn’t
notice any stinging or uneasiness on my skin. I have not edited the picture
above and you can see for yourself the difference it made on my skin. My skin
looks brighter and slightly lighter than before. I was expecting to break out
because my skin doesn’t take new products well but luckily no breakouts.

I am very happy with this product and would suggest you to give it a go. #SpinzBanTheTan

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xoxo <3
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