As a kid I used to love DIYing. I remember spending afternoon creating things, from collecting soda bottle caps to make wind chimes to stitching clothes for my toys. Now that I look back, it has been a while since I DIY’ed anything at all. With busy schedule and hectic lifestyle I guess we have forgotten the concept of DIYing. When Hidesign sent across the “Art Of Reuse” kit, I was thrilled to try and see what I can create with scraps of leather. 
The Hidesign “Art Of Reuse” kit comes with leather pieces from their cutting section, five meters of waxed stitching thread, A hole punch and a needle. They have a contest running where you stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Pondicherry and a chance to design your own Hidesign bag. Also Runner Ups will win Rs.15,000/- or Rs.10,000/- cash vouchers from Hidesign. Design students will get a chance to intern at Hidesign. To participate register here. You can purchase the “Art Of Reuse” kit from any Hidesign Store near you or on Amazon for Rs.10. 
I decided to create a DIY Tassel with the leather pieces which was available in the kit. Tassel has been the rage this season. From bags to shoes you can spot them everywhere. This DIY tassel is quick and oh so easy! You can attach it to a key chain, your bag, necklace, earrings, the possibilities are endless. Read on to know how you can create your own.
You will need:
Leather Pieces
Rubber Based Adhesive
Small Rings
Nose Pliers
Step 1:Start by drawing a rectangular shape on the leather piece with the help of a ruler & chalk to even it out.
Step 2: After you cut the excess leather, start drawing lines “1/2 cm” away from each other. Make sure to leave 2 cms of space on the top.
Step 3: Cut vertically along the lines. Also cut two additional pieces of leather1 cm wide or according to the size of your leather piece (To create the loop and wrap around the tassel).
Step 4: Apply the adhesive and wait for it to get set a little so that it sticks well.
Step 5: Place the leather loop inside the leather piece and tightly roll it. Make sure to hold it for 5 minutes to help set the glue.
Step 6: Wrap the other pieces of leather around the tassel.
Step 7: Add the ring with the help of the nose pliers.


If you have any DIY’s do make sure to share it with me, I would love to try it out myself 😀

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