Couple of months ago Femina Believe launched their newest center in Pune, where they held a Makeup Workshop. Luckily I was able to attend the workshop myself, You can read all about it here.

For those who are still not familiar with Femina Believe,
they conduct various personality development workshops covering courses such as
Makeup & Skincare, Styling, Dining Etiquette, Communication skills &
body language. The workshops are conducted is Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Pune.

Recently they hosted a Dining Etiquette workshop at
Hakkasans, Mumbai.
Dining Etiquette: Whether in a formal or an informal dinner
setting there are certain set of manners and behavior which is expected of a
person while eating.
I was very excited for this event because A. I am a foodie
B. We all have those haunted memories of us making a total fool of ourselves at
Honestly Food is a very crucial part of all or lives, be it
meetings, events or celebrations we are constantly going out to restaurants,
cafes to eat and connect. There are many a time when we are at a restaurant and
we are confused as to where to put the napkin or which cutlery to use for what.
Thankfully all my queries were solved at the Femina Believe Dining etiquette
workshop plus I got to learn everything and anything I needed to know about
table manners.

Our mentor for the day was Ms. Greeshma Thampi. She shared
with us the dos and the don’ts also all the tips and tricks we need up our
sleeves to ace the next formal dinner.
I have jotted down some of the things I’ve learnt for you:
The big plates are for the main course and the small plates
are for breads or salads.
Forks should always be placed on the left of the plate while
knives and spoons should be on the right.
Small forks are for salads/ appetizer while big forks
(Dinner Forks) are used for the main course.
Your beverage or glass of water should be placed at the top
right side of the dinner plate.
Pizza should be eaten by hand as it is considered as a
“finger food”.
A seven course meal has Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Hor
D’oeuvres (Starters), Sorbet, Entrée (Main Course) & Dessert.
Always break a piece of bread rather than biting into it.
Never place your elbow on the table or hands under the
table, place them at the edge of the table.
Always place your napkin on your lap.
If you need to comb your hair or re-touch your makeup head
over to the restroom.
Place your used cutlery on your place and never on the
Soup is not something you drink it’s something you eat.
Dessert spoon is for softer dessert (Ice Cream) while pastry
fork is for firm dessert (Cake)
Don’t add extra salt, pepper or seasoning without tasting
your food first.
Don’t point or gesture with cutlery in your hand.
Never start your meal until everyone’s served.
Wishing people you’re dining with, “Bon Appétit!”
is good sign.
To eat your soup, dip your spoon in the soup, hit it lightly
on the opposite brim, and sip sideways. Also slurping is a big no no.
If you have to leave for a bit or use the restroom, leave
your napkin on your chair. It means you are not finished yet.
If you are done with you meal you can leave your napkin to
the left side of the table.
To rest your cutlery, place them in the 8:20 position and at
the end of your meal, place cutlery in the 4:20 position.
Knife is always placed facing inwards and use the knife
diagonally to cut into your meal.

Also Greeshma shared a very cool concept with us to decode a
table layout – BMW. This means
B: Bread Plate – always on your left
M: Meal Plate – always in the center
W: Water/Wine Glasses – always to the right

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Greeshma also taught us how to use the Chopsticks. To use a chopstick like a pro start by holding the upper chopstick like a pencil, about one-third of the way from its top and the other chopstick place the second chopstick against your ring finger, holding it with the base of the thumb. It should be pointing the same way as the first chopstick. Move the upper chopstick with your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

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Also did you know when you go to a different country the dinning etiquettes vary?

Do not split the bill. Either offer to pay entirely or someone else will.
Rest your hands above the table and not on your lap.
Break bread with fingers and do not bite into it.

Avoid milk beverages post a meal, go for espresso instead.
Never add extra parmesan on your pizza.
Over and above the service charge already added in your bill, you could tip 5-10% for exceptional service.

Do not eat any rice based dish with fork. Only use it to push the food onto the spoon.
It is very common to share food.
Never take the last bite from the common serving bowl.

Tips are not encourages.
Leave a small quantity of food on your plate to show that your host treated you well.
Arrive on time and be dressed well out of respect for your host.

No Tips. It is considered rude.
Never hold the chopsticks vertically or cross them.
After you’ve eaten the meat balls, sip the soup directly from the bowl.

Over all it was an afternoon well spent. I encourage all of you to try these workshops by Femina Believe; they are not just informative but also a lot of fun.

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