If you read my post here, you would know that I have
recently started shaving. The reason I was so reluctant towards shaving was
because of all the myths I have heard about it. Be it the parlor lady who told
me “Beta kabhi shave maat karna skin dark ho jayega.” (Please don’t shave as it
will make you skin dark) or my friend who said “Shaving will your hair grow
thicker and faster.”As I have been shaving for more than a month and after attending
Gillette Venus Subscribe To Smooth” event, all the myths that were there in my
mind are now busted.
I am more than happy to share the myths and the facts below.
1. Myth: Shaving causes the hair to grow faster,
thicker & darker.
Fact: Shaving does not cause any of the
above issues. The growth of our hair depends on the location of your body, our
age, gender and also the time of the year. Did you know that our hair grows faster
during summer? Now talking about thicker growth, when your hair is growing back
the blunt end makes the hair look thicker but once it’s fully grown you will realize
it just the same as it was before. Coming to the topic of hair appearing
darker, well honestly your hair will always grow back in the natural colour
that you are born with.
2. Myth: Shaving causes hair to become coarser.
Fact:  No miss, shaving does not cause our hair to
become coarser. The thickness of each person’s hair is determined by their hormones.
While shaving the hair is cut in the middle of the shaft because of which the flat
surface feels sharp. As the hair continues to grow your hair will feel softer
3. Myth: You should press hard for a closer shave.
Fact: If you try to press hard on the skin while
shaving it will lead to nicks and cuts. Make sure you keep a light touch and
the blade flat for a closer shave.
4. Myth: Shaving can make your skin go darker.
Fact: This myth is mostly stated for you’re
under arms. Truth be told the reasons you are facing the dark skin issue is
either because you are not shaving the right way, which ends up irritating your
skin and causing it to go dark or due to the use of alcohol based deodorants/perfumes
in that region.
5. Myth: Shaving with a fresh razor gives you more
nicks and cuts.
Fact: It’s actually the opposite; in fact
shaving with a fresh razor will give you a closer shave. When you use an old or
dull blade it drags on the skin causing it to cut.
6. Myth: Once you start shaving, you have to shave
all the time.
Fact: When you shave you are just cutting
the hair which is quite close to your skin. It does not change the hair follicles
or the way it grows. So shave when and how you want to.
7. Myth: Shaving with soap is just as good as using
shave cream.
Shaving gels keeps the hair soft while shaving. It also lubricates which
allows the razor to glide easily over your skin. On the other hand using soap
will just dry out your skin. Try out the Satin Care shaving gel by Gillette, its so gentle that people even with the most sensitive skin can use it. Another plus point of using a shaving gel is that
it won’t clog your razor.
8. Myth: Shaving makes your skin dry and


Fact: When you shave the top layer of the
dead skin cells get removed making your skin look smoother and silkier. Make
sure to moisturize your skin well after shaving to make your skin glow and also
to keep it moisturized.

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