Hello Folks. How y’all doing? I am very excited for today’s
post as it’s been a long time since I did anything similar to this.


Most of you know that I don’t drink, It’s not that I hate
drinking I just don’t like the taste. As for Wine there were many occasions
where I tried it hoping that one day Ill adapt to the taste and fall in love
with it. On the other hand my mom and dad have been the kind of people who
after a long tiring day, uncork a bottle of red and enjoy as they unwind
themselves. So for today’s post I thought it will be great if my lovely Mom
& I can review “The Turning Point Sangria’s” together that way you can hear
both sides of the story from a novice and from someone who loves wine dearly.


About The Turning Point Wine: The Turning Point Wine which
has been started by Mr. Ashwin Deo (Who is also former MD of Moet Hennessy and
later Tiger Beer) runs on the concept of being young, approachable and fun.
They have created these wines especially for those who live life loud, proud
and fuss-free (Amen to that). Their whole idea is to go beyond wine etiquette
and enjoy their wine exactly how you want to. You can read more about it here.


Before we take this any further can we please take a moment
to appreciate how beautiful these bottles look. The festive prints and bright
pop of colors makes me very happy. (I am saving these bottles to decorate my
room with it later 😀 )


To do justice to these delicious and oh so good-looking bottles
of sangrias we decided to head to our pool with chilled bottles of sangria,
glasses and some chips.


Turning Point ready-to-drink Sangria’s are available in two
variants – Metropolitan a red wine which has an amazing fusion of cranberry and
orange and Nashik Mule a white wine which has the essence of orange and ginger
ale. Metropolitan has a strong fragrance as well as flavor and you can taste
the hint of cranberry in each sip. On the other hand Nashik Mule has a mild
tingling taste which actually leaves you feeling refreshed. These sangria’s are
perfect alternative of beer/ breezer for anyone like me. These beauties come in
a 330 ml packs for Rs. 135 each.


Metropolitan is my mom’s favorite where as I prefer Nashik


My Mom has given a couple of tips and also a recipe to share
with you guys.
– Freeze
grapes in the freezer and add to your wine to keep it chilled without watering
it down.
– If you
have leftover wine instead of wasting it (You can always drink it) freeze it in
an ice cube tray to use when a recipe requires it. (No wonder her shrimp
spaghetti tastes the way it does.)
– Add
chopped pineapples to cheap wine to enhance the sweetness or you can always
make it aerated by putting it in the blender for 30 seconds.
– If your
best friend’s boyfriend turns out to be a jerk and she’s coming over within 30
minutes make sure to share her pain with a chilled bottle of wine. To chill
wine faster wrap a wet towel around the bottle and pop it in the freezer.
You will need:
Turning Point Sangria in Nashik Mule
Schweppes tonic water
Lemon juice
Chopped strawberries.


Start by filling your glass half full with the Nashik Mule
Sangria, then add the tonic water as per you taste followed by a tea spoon or
two of lemon juice. Garnish it with strawberries and Enjoy!

The Turning Point Wines also offers (L to R) – Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Rose, Shiraz Cabernet, Chenin Blanc.

*You can click the images to view the full size.



Honestly I have never had so much fun reviewing a product
before. Late afternoon, chilling by the pool with endless supply of sangria,
food and of course a wonderful company. Perfect start to the summer I say.
Highly suggest you to grab The Turning Point Wine’s Sangrias, your friend’s and
have a wonderful evening.
To know more about them head over to their Website, Twitter or Facebook page.


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