(The winners for #MomWasAlwaysRight is Niki M & Anni Gatani. Please send me your Name, Full Address & Contact number on shanayasinner@gmail.com.)
On the occasion of Mother’s day I though it will be fun to
share moments where “My mom was always right” (But honestly aren’t they always).

1. Eat your
fruits & Veggies: Till date my mom uses this expression so much. But I have
to give it to her that she is right. I have noticed how lethargic, sick and
lazy I feel when I overdose on junk food.
On the days where I am having my proper meals I am much happier and
2. Sleep
early: I bet all our moms tell this to us at all times and yes mom you are
right. I don’t follow this rule regularly but I have realized how good I feel
when I sleep early and wake up even before the alarm goes off, it’s actually
one of the best feeling in the world to get a good night sleep without having
to drag ourselves out of bed.
3. To
Meditating at least 5 minutes a day: I have always been an Impatient hot head (what a
deadly combo), I remember while growing up, I used to get into a lot fights because
of it (hee hee). I don’t meditate everyday but regular meditation has made me
calm and I am able to think straight and get a lot of my work done.
4. Home
remedy is the best for skin: Ahhh!! Our “gharelu nuskaas” for each skin issue
will never get old. From apply besan to our face for pimples to removing tan
with tomato and curd, home remedies are the best. Not only is it cheap and
quick but also knowing that you are using products that are 100% natural on
your skin is good.
5. Oil your hair Often: I bet we all have fond memories of
our mom giving us a nice “champi” every now and then. I remember my mom always
used to tell me that for healthy, shiny and nourished hair always oil your
hair. Now that I have grown up I can’t believe how true this phrase is. With our hectic schedule and chaotic lifestyle the condition of our hair goes for a
toss! So it’s important to oil your hair at least once a week to add life back
to it.
You can view the video below to know how you can give
yourself (or your mom and loved ones) a relaxing “champi” at home.
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Photographer: Faisal AK 

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I had a severe infection in one of my tooths and my Mom immediately advised me to get it extracted. I didn't listen to her and went ahead with the doctors prescription. But the tooth in no way budged. To cure the infection I had 2 laser surgeries and 1 normal surgery on the adjacent gums. It pained a lot. Finally after 1 year I decided to getting it extracted. Had I listened to my Mom in the first place I would not have gone through such a pain. This is how I got to know my #MomWasAlwaysRight and will always be right in future too!


#MomWasAlwaysRight mom taugh me to wear a pretty smile everytime, mom taugh me dat my inner glow makes me prettiest! Mom taugh me how to hundles tough situations n stands against d odd! No matters whats d situations is, mom taugh me dat equality n respect for everyone in society! Mom taugh me to be a better person! N today I can realize she was right! She's my inspiration! Love you momma


Thanx for doing this lovely giveaway .! #MomWasAlwaysRight becuase mom is built up of experiences she knows exactly what is good for me and what is not.I am a person who likes to experiment with stuff .When i was a teen i was very carried away by by the trend of hair colouring. Most of my friends had coloured their hair and i too wanted to match up with them. I wanted to bleach and colour my hair as i thought it would make me standout. But then my mom advised me not to do so at a young age as it would damage my hair in the long run. After alot of arguements and brainwracking i settled to the decision that i wont get my hair coloured. I think i took the right step because my friends started to face hair problems and their hair quality detirorated. I am blessed to have lucious thick hair which is cared by my mom all because of her good advises.!

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