When it comes to hair removal methods, I was always a “Waxing” person. There were so many myths in my head in terms of shaving or hair removal creams that I didn’t feel like taking a chance with my skin. At the same time waxing is not always feasible, especially for someone like me who lives shorts and dresses. The major issue I face with waxing is that I have to wait a whole month or more for the hair to be fully grown. It gets really difficult during summers because after a week or two of waxing the hair started re growing and I have no option but to wear jeans or cover up. Denims in summer? God! don’t even get me started on that. For someone like me who is shooting or going out half the time, waxing for a month is not an option.
If you have read my post here you would know that I had attended the Gillette’s Subscribe to Smooth event, where a lot of my myths were busted, after which I wanted to try shaving again. Tell you what it’s been four weeks since then I have already shaved 3-4 times and didn’t face any issues. I realized there were a lot of things I was doing wrong while shaving because of which I never really got that perfect shave that I was looking for.
Follow these simple steps to  get the perfect smooth shave.
Step One: Make sure your skin is well hydrated before you shave. The best time to shave is right after a hot steamy shower that way your pores are open and it gets easier to shave.

Step Two: Scrub away your skin to get rid of dead skin and in grown hair, this will insure you get a closer shave.
Step Three: Apply a shaving gel and lather up to help reduce friction which causes razor cuts and ingrowths.
Tip: If you don’t have a shaving gel/cream don’t worry you can use a hair conditioner as it works the same way.
Step Four: Unlike waxing, shave in the direction of your hair growth. This won’t irritate the skin and cause redness. Also maintain one direction of strokes.
Tip: For a closer shave and hygiene change your blade after every three – four use.
Step Five: Make sure to moisturize your skin right after you shave. This will not only hydrate your skin but heal it too so the skin doesn’t get irritated.
After I have started shaving regularly I have realized there are many advantages of it.  First and
foremost it is easily accessible. Unlike waxing (as most salon shuts at 7 pm) you can shave at any time during the day (or night). Whether it’s a last minute party invite or the change in your outfit, you are always prepared to put your best foot forward (literary). Another good thing about it is you can shave as
and when you please. You don’t have to wait for a month to be hair free. Also it’s cheap, super fast, easy and painless! It’s perfect if you are traveling or on the go which is a pro for every women.

Hope this post has helped you achieve the perfect smooth and hassle free shave.

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Nice way…i even follow it many times.


very helpful


Really good post Shanaya. I missed the event and hence missed meeting you again. But it's good to have the updates here. Thanks for sharing the info.:)

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