What Scholl say’s about this product: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File is gentle on your feet and easy to use, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File quickly helps you achieve soft, silky feet. This electronic foot file is designed to remove hard skin for smooth results after just one use. It buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you’ll want to show off. This battery-operated unit is ready to use and includes four AA batteries
Price: Rs. 2850. 


Availability: Only Available online. (You can buy it here.)


My thoughts:Beautiful feet are coveted by all women, spanning through ages and borders. Recently I came across Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi .The product is quite innovative and first of its kind. Buffing and scaling off rough, lifeless skin and calluses by exfoliating the feet through a gentle rotating action is something I found very convenient and on the go.

When using this product for the first time, I have noticed that it takes a couple of use to get your feet smooth. You will need to use it every day or every other day depending how sensitive your skin is to get the desired effect. For best results soak your feet in warm bubbly water for 10 – 15 minutes (You can add Epsom salt and/or lavender essential oil for a spa like treatment). Then scrub your feet with a loofah followed by a scrub or pumice stone. Dry your feet with a towel and let it air dry till it’s completely dry. Use the Scholl Express Pedi to get rid of the rough skin. Don’t go over the same area for a longer period of time. Once done apply a rich lotion or cream and massage it in. Wear your fluffy socks and relax.  The roller head is made of micro- lumia which feels smooth on the skin and rapidly works on hard surfaces without causing much irritation. The safety stop ensures you don’t apply excess pressure. Additional roller can be bought for INR 899.

One major drawback of the device is that it does not have rechargeable battery and requires 4 AA batteries to function which wears off after half a dozen of times usage, which might keep draining your pocket in case you don’t want to invest on a set of rechargeable ones.

Additionally the filing work requires no expertise or practice and pampering yourself with this treat after a long tiring day might just be the perfect retreat for you and your loved ones.

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I wish it ran on rechargable batteries… but its tempting anyway,a total treat to onself 🙂


I agree it would have been a lot better if it had rechargeable batteries.


Very tempted! Nice review dear xx


Glad you liked it Doll 😀

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