What Lux say’s about this product:

Price: Rs. 150.

Shelf life: 30 Months.

Net Content:

Availability: Easy

Fragrance: Floral

My thoughts:

I do judge a book by its cover and when I saw the packaging
of “Lux Magical Spell” body wash I wasn’t impressed. The plastic feels cheap
and the overall look didn’t appeal me. When I looked up for Lux Magical Spell
body wash online I came across the older version of the same. The packing of that
is far better than this one.
I always loved black orchids; there is something so irresistible
and mysterious about its fragrance. I have to say this body wash smells delicious
and oh so sexy. The fragrance doesn’t linger for long though. People with dry
skin may find the need to moisturize their skin after the use as this body wash
as it can be a bit drying.

I think it’s a little over priced for what it has to offer.
There are better body washes in the same price range that are more moisturizing
on the skin. I don’t know how different the smell is from the previous version
but this is by far one of the best smelling body washes I have ever used. For a
special date or occasion when you want to smell good (and tempting) I would
suggest trying this one out.
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I got the rose extract one, still trying it out

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