cleaning has a wide gap in our Indian market. The needful is generally done by
untrained maids or workers with lack of effective products and equipments. This
generally leaves our living surroundings, be it our house, office or any other
space we spend time in, inadequately sanitized, making us and our toddlers
susceptible to allergies, infections and sometimes serious maladies. Pioneering
to fill this gap and cater to the pressing need of trained commercial cleaners,
I came across Mr. Homecare-a one stop solution for your Home care needs. Be it
cleaning, sanitization, pest Control, marble polishing, carpet and sofa
shampooing or treatment of steel and wooden surfaces, Mr. Homecare takes care
of it all! With such an impressive line of commitments outlined on their
website I thought of trying them and picked up the
phone as a valentine day gift for my mother.

gave them the time of 12 noon on 12th of January 2015, to my great pleasure I
heard the doorbell ring at 11.40 am to be precise. Punctuality check marked! To
my surprise I was expecting a couple of cleaners but a platoon of 5 showed up
with their uniform and equipment intact, more like a cleaning squad. Without
much delay and with minimum supervision they immediately got to work as if they
thoroughly knew the job at hand. Pulling out equipment’s I have never used
before with high end liquids and sanitizers they swept my house from a mess to
its best!
with the rooms they vacuumed and dusted every nook and corner, wiping with the
correct chemicals, all surfaces along with mirrors, windows, ceiling and
floors. At the end of it glasses were shiny and glossy, walls and furniture’s
were dusted and spotted, steel surfaces were reflecting and wooden ones


taking care of all the rooms the squad directed its attention towards the
Bathrooms. Again they buffed and Sanitized toilets, sinks and showers
flawlessly. All our shelves were wiped and organized giving our bathroom a very
decorous look. Surprisingly they went a step ahead and removed stains on
mirrors and glass as well!
up the kitchen has always been a baffling task for me as the disinfectant might
poison the food, or the crockery’s but the cleaners assured me that the
products they use are specially designed for the purpose and are
All in all after 8 to
9 hours of conscientious spa treatment my home looked and felt better than
ever, and the cleaners left behind a greeting fragrance.


To know more about Mr. Homecare head over to their Facebook, twitter or Instagram page.

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Cool. They do sofa cleaning too? Also, what are their charges?


Yup they do, Their charges are around 4.5 – 5k depending on package you choose 🙂


So interesting!

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