Bo Derek the famous Style icon once said ‘whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping!’. This line goes hand in hand with the new “Lakmé salon gift card”. Yes! you guessed it right guys! Now you can gift some happiness and Lakmé touched confidence to your girl, mom and a dear girlfriend. What could be better than a piece or assortment of their desired treatments at Lakmé salon with just a card? Sounds subtle and cheek rite?
These gift cards come with a 12 month expiry after purchase and to top it all can be refilled any time just like debit or credit card!
They can be easily bought on any leading-commerce websites like , , and
With Valentine’s Day just round the round the corner, men you can’t miss this one! If you want that woman wreathed in smiles there are no substitutes. After all as they say ‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’

Whether you’re single or have a significant other, this
Valentine’s Day be sure to select your ‘Colour of Love’ at Lakme Salons.
Keeping with the international trend of colour coded parties wherein the colour
of one’s outfit signals his / her relationship status; Lakme Salon has taken
the trend further to devise extremely exciting beauty packages basis one’s
relationship status. Red the colour of love is for those who are committed and
happily in love. Amber is for those that haven’t made up their minds, and Green
is for the ladies who are single and ready to mingle and serves as a green
signal for potential suitors! That’s not all– the first customers to buy each
of the color-themed packages at every salon, will get the newly launched Lakme
Salon gift card pre-loaded with Rs. 200!
For those in love and in mood to celebrate, Lakme Salon is
offering an indulgent Red Hot Love package starting from Rs. 2500 that includes
cocoa infused services such as a chocolate wax, masque and mani-pedi. While
chocolate is rich in caffeine and antioxidants, and is great for the skin, it
is also known to have aphrodisiacal qualities, therefore preparing you for your
valentine date in more ways than one! Finish your final look with a deep red
lipstick and blood red nail paint and let the world know that love is in the
air for you!
For those of you that have a complicated status– make this
year a memorable one, because after all, the day is all about the love… for
yourself!  If you are in need of some
relaxation to get over your confused relationship status, we have just what you
need. Priced at Rs 1800 onwards, indulge in an Ambiguous Amber package that
includes a Strawberry Fruit Clean up, Moisture Balancing Spa upto the shoulder,
Foot Reflexology of 30 minutes and a complimentary makeup.
All the single ladies –shine at the party and look your
beautiful glowing best, so that your knight in shining armour may come along
and whisk you off your perfectly pedicured feet! Opt for the Single Queen in
Green package at Rs. 800 and get a Quick Glow masque, change of polish and a
wash & blow-dry to look fabulously ready to mingle. That’s not all – you
can also avail of the complimentary makeup to look ultra-glamorous for your
date night.
Lakme Salon is offering a special 10% discount on The
Colours of Love packages that are available from 1st Feb onwards across all
Lakme Salons. You can also win a 10% discount voucher on the Colours of Love
packages upon purchasing select Lakme cosmetics at a retail counter near you.
So head to a Lakme Salon near you to discover your Color of


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