As always there is so much going on in my head and I don’t
know where to begin. It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a whole post to
just “Chit Chatting” with y’all. To be honest since quite some time I dreaded
the thought of writing anything. It just seemed like too much work. This post
will be a complete mess but please bear with me guys. I have barely slept for
two hours and ODing on caffeine. So let’s do it one by one shall we.
Today evening I met up with my BFF (You know who you are)
for coffee and cribbed about how my life, work & everything is stuck and
not moving ahead. After which he gave me a never ending lecture on A. How I am
being lazy B. When was the last time I posted anything and he made it a point
to mention that the last post didn’t count & C. Hmmm… Don’t really
remember what C was because by this time I started ignoring whatever he was
saying and hogged on my very delicious burger. The entire drive back home I
couldn’t help but feel choked and I knew I had to do something about it. As I
mentioned in my previous post how I procrastinate a lot and don’t feel like doing
any work. This is the first month of the year and I can’t let myself drone in
misery which I have created for myself. I have become super lazy and hate doing
anything that involved me getting out of my room or bed to be more precise.
There so much of mess in my life from my dirty room to my work. So when I
reached home I decided to take things in my hands and once and for all start
cleaning this mess.
I thought to myself, first things first let’s start with
cleaning my room. I have noticed whenever my room is clean I instantly feel
much more energetic and happy. But this time I wanted to deep clean which
includes chucking or giving away unwanted things. It’s been 3 hours since I
have gotten home and I am almost 80% through. I started with my wardrobe
because it was the toughest (Sentimentally) and the messiest place. I created
three piles: – Toss, give and keep. With a stone cold heart and no emotions I
decided to face the truth. (Sorry, I can be a little melodramatic at times) I
removed clothes from my wardrobes that I knew I wouldn’t wear even though some
of them still had their tags on. I also decided to toss the items that I
haven’t worn in last two years because let’s face it if I haven’t worn it in
all this time I won’t wear it in future. This whole process made me realize how
many new clothes that I have, also there so many that I need to start wearing.
I then called my younger sister and asked her to take whatever she wants and
kept the rest to give it to the maid. Now my wardrobe has a ton of space in
there for essentials that are missing (I.e. A leather jacket, white tank top
Next I cleared up my makeup/ skincare compartment and
repeated the similar toss, give and keep step. After that I cleared and cleaned
out the book shelf, desk and rest of my room. I shall finish the rest of the
room tonight itself. (Kind of feeling like a super human at the moment.) As my
room is getting cleaner I can instantly feel the change in my thoughts. I no
longer want to be stuck in this rut. I have a lot of plans for this year and I
am looking forward to it. Not to jinx it but I have a feeling that this year is
going to be super awesome.
My next step for tomorrow is to start working and finish off
all the pending work. This reminds me I totally forgot to email someone
regarding it Arrggg… which also reminds me I need to start using my planner
again and plan this month out to make the most of it. I will be shooting the
entire day tomorrow so it seems like I am already on the “Get out of the rut”
band wagon. Going a little off topic here but does it ever happen with you guys
that whenever you have a super busy or important things to do the next day you
just can’t step the entire night. This always happens with me.
So I guess that will be all the blabbering I shall be doing
for this post. I have started accumulated a little bundle of “to dos” that I
will do before this year ends and hopefully it won’t be a flop like the last
years things to do list.
*The first few are from the last year’s list and I have
added few more. I will keep on updating and adding more to this list as and
when I remember.
1. Travel somewhere new. (I am in mood for Kerala, could
really use some relaxing massage)
2. Learn French or a dance style.
3. Get better at playing Guitar.
4. Read all the books I have bought but didn’t find time to
5. Get a driver’s license before the learner’s license
6. Try an Adrenaline Sport. (Hiking anyone?)
7. Dedicate one whole day to making my mom feel like the
queen of the world (Can’t believe I didn’t do this last year.)
8. Be a tourist in my own city and visit all the must see
9. Start vlogging again.
10. After the month of January don’t shop for even a single
item for clothing till I finish wearing each and every Item in my wardrobe or
till the month of July, whichever comes first.
Do let me know if you think I should add something else to
this list.

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Most to do list matches mine and have been fulfilling!

1. Kerala is awesome. Visit. I did recently and yes the oil massages are great ^_^
2. Dance style… me thinking since long.
3/4/5 same feelings
6. Doing trekking 🙂
7/8 Added to my list
9. Not my cup of tea/ but waiting for urs 🙂
10. Quite thoughtful.

Please update your blog about these 🙂


Good to know out list matches 😀 Will deff update these 😀


nice motivational list… :


Glad you liked it 😀

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