Stereotyping and labeling among women by women, cosmetic brands, men etc. is not a new fad. A girl is “sweet” or “sour”, “hot” or “not”, “bold” or “shy” and so on. A new Global Survey by Gillette Venus reveals that most women around the world (70%) have felt labelled by others. In response Gillette Venus – the world leader in female shaving – has launched the “Use Your And” campaign to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels. I personally have been the victim of labeling. As a kid the world saw me as “Shy”, when got tattooed around 15 it changed my label to “Punk”. Shed some pounds became “hot”, piled on some got called a “slob”. When I came across this campaign there was an innate voice in support of this cause, and so I have joined my hands and my heart with it. All you girls, whosoever feels victimized by this since an early age like me, I urge! USE YOUR AND! Meaning thereby, when someone calls you cute thank them and in an interrogative manner slip an AND?!. We have gotta shout it out loud! I am Studious AND glamorous, hot AND a Geek, a Punk AND immensely polite in my gestures, Sweet AND won’t take your labeling s**t.

What Gillette say’s about this product:



Price: Rs. 199. 


Availability: Easy 


My thoughts:Growing up I was anxious to use Razors, there were so many myths such as hair growing back thicker, the skin getting darker etc. So when I received Gillette’s Venus in my mail I was intrigued to use it. I will be honest I have used razor only once before I used Gillette’s Venus and that experience was horrific. I like the fact that now we have a razor in the market specific to women’s requirement. I have used this razor thrice till now and so far so good. My friend Shivani saw that I was working on this review and she told me she’s been using Venus for months now and she loves it.

The three blade surrounded by protective cushions provides a smooth and close shave. I am a very impatient person and even though I used this razor hastily I never got even a single cut or burn *Hallelujah* I wouldn’t lie and say that I have turned into a ‘razor’ person, I still prefer waxing because I can be hair free for longer but on the occasion a razor can be life saving. Any last minute party invite and I can show of my legs without worry.

Tips for using a razor:

1. Best time to shave is after a shower as your skin is soft and hydrated.
2. Loofah or scrub will help get rid of ingrown hair and give you a closer shave.
3. Unlike waxing, shave in the direction of your hair growth. Also maintain one direction of strokes.
4. For best result use your hair conditioner for shaving as it helps in reducing friction which causes razor cuts and ingrowths.
5. For closer shave and hygiene change your blade after every three use.
6. Sharing razors can lead to hepatitis C and various other skin infections.
7. Make sure to moisturize your skin after you shave.

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