I don’t know where to start, as always there are a thousand thoughts
running through my head at the speed of lightning. The most appropriate thing
to start with would be to wish you all a very happy new year. I just looked at
the calendar and its 9th. Yep, Almost 9 days late to wish you but
better late than never eh?
Last year was full of ups and downs. Got so many wonderful opportunities
and lost a few too. For some reason I just couldn’t wait for 2014 to end and
the new year to begin. Since this year has started I am feeling really lost in
every aspect of my life. Today I just woke up with a start at 7 in the morning
and knew that I had to write a post. So I hopped out of my bed and started
working on this one (TMI: I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.) As I was going
through my last year’s Fashion Recap (You can view it here.) I realize that
last year Jan I made a resolution to post everyday that month. Thinking about
how passionate I was about things left me feeling a little blue right now.
Honestly I don’t feel like doing much now days and procrastinate a lot which
leads to missing out on a lot. None the less I am buckling up because I am
getting a very good feeling about this year. On the bright side it’s good to
see that I manage to do 10 more Outfit post than last year.
I am really scattered brain right now. I need to take the
time out to write down everything I need to do. There is so much I want to do
that it’s making me restless. Hopefully in the future post I will be able to share
my resolutions or rather things to do before 2015 ends list. Which reminds me I
barely did 4 or 5 from last year’s list *Sigh* I will add them to this year and
hopefully do it.
I have accumulated all my outfit post of last year in this post.
If you missed out on any or would like to browse through some please be my
guest.*Click on the title to view that particular post.

1. He Stole Her Heart She Stole His Jeans:




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Hey Shanaya! Don't worry, we all are in similar situations many, many times. I hope you accomplish many of your goals, all the best and warm wishes for this new Year 🙂


Most of you 2014 outfits were perfection! Keep it up on 2015 and I am excite to see more or your styles!


I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

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