I have always been a very active person and I get attracted
towards anything that says it might detox or cleanse my body. Few months back
when I got to know about Raw Pressery’s launch in India I knew I had to try it
out as soon as possible.
Before I begin this review here’s a little bit about the
RAW Pressery is India’s first cold-pressed brand, set up by
Anuj Rakyan in January 2014. Unlike household juicers or blenders, their
cold-press technology generates no heat so original nutrients are preserved in
the juices. The juices contain no preservatives, no chemicals and no added
sugar. Not even water. The juices are made fresh every morning at the factory
in Thane and they home-deliver, 7 days a week in Mumbai and Pune. They aim to
expand to Delhi and Bangalore in early 2015.
Here are the 6 Juices which are the part of the one day
TRIM (Kale, Spinach, Doodhi, Amla, Celery, Green Apple,
Ginger, Lemon)
A powerhouse of nutrients to help to manage weight and
alkalize your system.
RUN (Pineapple, Pear, Chia Seeds)
A natural energy booster, this juice takes care of your
daily requirement of Vitamin C.


FLUSH (Apple, Beet, Carrot, Ginger and Lemon)
This juice will help detox your liver and cleanse your


SHIELD (Tangerine, Carrot, Ginger)
The perfect bodyguard, this mix will help build your
immunity and beat stress.


GLOW (Cucumber, Coconut H20, Pineapple, Lemon grass, Aloe
Vera, Lemon)
A great source of electrolytes, this mix will show quick
results on your skin.


BUILD (Almonds, Honey, Cinnamon, Pure H20, Sea Salt)
Full of Vitamin E for boosting brain power, this blend will
also help to lower your cholesterol.
My Thoughts:
I had received my one day cleanse early in the morning and I
was instantly mesmerized my all this colorful goodness. Most of their juices
taste really good and a lot better than how I anticipated it to be. The ginger
taste in most juices was a little too strong for my liking but I have read a
lot about Ginger and its many benefits. Ginger is used to treat different types
of stomach problems like motion sickness, morning sickness, upset stomach, gas,
diarrhea, nausea as well as loss of appetite. The overall experience was great
but I did get a mild headache during the cleanse and by the end of it I was
craving food a lot. I stayed strong and resisted the urge to go grab something
crunchy to eat. That night I decided to sleep early, the next morning I felt
energetic and my stomach felt light. I can’t wait to try out the cleanse again.
I feel it gives your stomach and body a much needed break. Run & Trim are
my favorite juices out of the 6.
About cold-pressed technology:
The cold-press technology produces no heat and allows no air
to enter during the juice extraction process.
During the cold-pressing process, tons and tons of pressure is exerted
on the raw produce to yield a fine consistent juice.
RAW is available for home-delivery and in select stores
currently in Mumbai and Pune. They have an exclusive tie-up with the trusty
Dabbawallahs who deliver to customers’ doorsteps between 6am and 9am every day.
RAW Pressery juices are available for pick-up in select
places. This includes:
All Nature’s Basket stores in Mumbai and Pune, JW Marriot
Hotel Mumbai (Bombay Baking Café), FoodHall at Palladium (Mumbai) , FoodHall at
Phoenix Market City (Pune), Dorabjee & Sons (Pune), Rewa Spa , Gold’s Gym
What are the different packages offered by RAW Pressery?
They have several packages for free home-delivery in Mumbai
and Pune. Their juices are made fresh every morning.
· The Starter Package provides you with two different juices
every day for three days (900rs).
· The RAW Resolution provides you with 30 bottles of juices
for 30 days, pre-customized by the experts (4050rs).
·The Commitment Package can be customized so your favorite
juices arrive to your door everyday (minimum order is 15 juices).
·The Cleanse Programmes involves consuming six 410ml juices
per day and replacing your solid food intake with nutritious, cold-pressed
juices  consumed every 2.5 hours for 1, 2
or 3 days.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
They get the freshest fruits and vegetables directly from
farms, predominantly in Maharashtra.
they follow their Best Practice guidelines to use UV rays to remove
pesticides from any RAW ingredients. Lastly, they wash the fruit and veg with
water purified by advanced RO technology. All their products our FSSAI (Food
Safety and Standards Authority of India) certified.
Are there any precautions one needs to take before adopting
one of these juice cleanse programmes?
They email customers who have ordered a cleanse “the
Cleanse Guide” which recommend the steps to  follow prior to embarking on one of the
cleanse programmes.
The pre-cleanse guidelines (which should be followed a
couple of days before the cleanse as well as during and after) include drinking
eight glasses of water a day to kick-start the cleansing process; eating fresh
fruit, raw veg, wholegrains, eggs and steamed fish. They recommend writing down
your goals to identify your objectives for your cleanse and committing to a
healthy lifestyle.
During the cleanse, you should drink eight glasses of water
to keep hydrated, rest, walk and nibble on some raw salad or fruit if you feel
too hungry.
They also advise avoiding red meat and gluten, processed
food and sugar, alcohol and nicotine as well as dairy products and caffeine in
the pre-cleanse and post-cleanse phases.
After the cleanse, they recommend slowly introducing your
body back to its normal routine beginning with small meals consisting of both
solids and liquids.
If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic  or taking medication they recommend that you
consult your physician.
How long does it take before one feels the effect? 
It varies from individual to individual. It can be
immediately or take a few hours or days. Some of the many benefits of our juice
cleanses include a regulated, nourished colon; increased energy and stamina;
improved mental clarity; better sleep patterns and a radiant complexion.
To know more head over to their Website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

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