What L’Oreal Paris say’s about this product: Infallible Lip Colour is a luxurious, comfortable and long lasting lip colour. The new range has with a broad spectrum of 15 gorgeous shades, from subdued neutrals to lively, vibrant shades. It offers 24 hours of vivid, high definition colour.
Price & Net Content: 

Ingredients: None Mentioned.
Finish: SatinShelf life: 3 Yrs

Shades Available: 15 Unending Kiss, Enduring Berry, Forever Frappe, Red Fatalle, Bold Bordeaux, Tender Berry, Rambling Rose, Refined Ruby, Everlasting Plum, Always Apricot, Charismatic Coral, Ravishing Red, Forever Fuchsia, Persistent Plum, Resilient Raisin.


Availability: Easy

*The colours are more vibrant in person.

My thoughts:The packaging of these Infallible Lipsticks is
pretty standard, black plastic base with transparent similar lipstick shade
cap. It’s easy to travel with and the cap doesn’t open up in my jam packed bag. You will have to be a little
careful while swiveling the lipstick up and down because it might touch
the edges. When they say these lipsticks are long lasting they are not kidding.
No other lipstick has lasted this long on my lips. I was continuously eating
and drinking but these babies stayed put on my lips. Even though these are long
lasting they feel very comfortable on the lips, it didn’t make my lips feel
sticky, dry or heavy. These lipsticks last for a good 6 – 7 hours on me
and it leaves a lovely tint behind when it fades. They are highly pigmented
too; Just one swipe will give you rich colour. When I swatched it on my hand I
literally had to scrub it with water and loofah to get the stain off. They have
every color options available to choose from. My personal favorite is Ravishing
Red, Forever Fuchsia and Persistent Plum which is perfect for fall/ winter.
Apart from the price (which is on the expensive side) I have found no other
cons in this product.

Every time I review a product on my blog I make
sure I use the product for Minimum 2 weeks straight before I voice my opinion
and when I say that I like a product you can rest assure that I really do like
it and I am not saying it because it’s being provided to me by a PR et cetera et cetera.
Now you wonder why I said the above disclaimer
in this review, it’s because I absolutely love this product and if you want to
buy a good lipstick I suggest you to go to a nearest L’Oreal counter and try
these out. These are by far one of the best Lipsticks I have ever tried and
that’s saying a lot since I have tried almost more than 30+ Different brands/
variation of lipsticks.
Each time L’Oreal Paris launches a new product
they seem to somehow make it even better than the previous one. (I am head over
heel in love with their Shine Caress Lip gloss. You can read the review here.)
That’s all for now Folks.
xoxo <3

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lovely swatches. always apricot seems to be the winner here. loved it a lot.


Glad you liked it Meghana 😀

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