What Zoeva say’s about this product:


Price: Rs.759.50


Finish: Satin.Shelf life: 36M

Net Content: 


Shades Available: Total 6. Apart from Floral Crown, Easy Spirit, Cooling Passion, Venus Phase, Faith & Love & Melting Kisses. 


Availability: Availble on www.luxola.com (Here)
Hand Swatch: 


On Me: 

My thoughts: Hey
guys! Hope you all are doing well before I start talking about the product; I
wanted to take some time and apologize for MIA. All the work and everything
besides that was talking a toll on me and blogging took a back seat, as you can
see I am more active now. There is an ongoing giveaway (here) which ends in a
day so go participate right now while I patiently wait for you to come back. I
will be posting more frequently now so do drop by whenever you can.


on, I recently discovered the brand Zoeva which is available on (Luxola.com) and this
Luxe Cream Lipstick in Floral Crown is the first product I have tried from
their range. Honestly from the moment I have opened the packaging I have been
in awe.  My excitement was reasonable as this
lipstick is incredible. Firstly let’s talk about the packaging it’s smooth,
shiny and the case is made of metal unlike the typical plastic casing. The
packaging feels very luxurious and expensive. The best thing about its packaging
is the magnetized lock system which means your lipstick won’t open and ruin
itself while being stuffed in your hand bag. This is the first lipstick that I
have used with the magnetic lock system so it kept me entertained for quite
some time.
formula of this product is creamy and the pigmentation is excellent. It has a
soft satin sheen. I thought these might not last long because of its balmy
texture but surprisingly it did.  And its
wears off evenly. Another plus point was that it didn’t make my lips feel dry.
It also contains ivy; mallow and elder flower extract which nourish your lips. These
lipsticks are Vegan, Paraben & Phthalates Free. Floral crown is a warm
bright pink. This shade is unlike any other in my collection and I secretly feel
this one in particular is the best out of the lot.
even if I try I can’t find any cons in this product. This lipstick is
Affordable, has amazing packaging, rick pigmentation, Its creamy and long
Ps: If you wish to buy this
lipstick or any other product from Luxola.com you can enjoy 30% by using the
code BLX-SHANAYA at checkout on all their first time
orders. The offer is valid till 25th December.
xoxo <3

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This looks gorgeous on you! I really want to try the Zoeva brushes.



Thank you love. I will be reviewing their brushes soon. 😀

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