Matrix just launched their latest range of advance care
system called RepairInside. Biolage Advanced RepairInside
is the 1st Dual Repair Treatment that reconstructs hair
from inside & outside. It brings together the
goodness of Nature with Soya Oil and the power of Molecular Science with
Arginine to effectively repair damaged hair. These rich
ingredients help in creating a powerful combination to reconstruct damaged
protein from inside and restore the cuticle shield from
outside.Hair damage is mainly caused due to excessive styling when done without
hair protection and due to over processing during chemical services especially
when done using incorrect protocol and poor quality products which damages your
hair from outside and inside.
got the opportunity to try out their products from this range at their Technical Studio with Matrix Hair expert Faiyaz
What Matrix say’s about this product: 


Price: Shampoo Rs.550 & Conditioner Rs.435
Fragrance: Same as rest of the Matrix range.Shelf life: 36 Months.

Net Content: Shampoo: 400 ml & Conditioner: 196 g
Availability: Easy 


My thoughts:

I have been using
Matrix Biolage range (Smooth Therapie) for more than one and a half year now.
Since I know how great that range worked for me I was excited to give this one
a try. I feel Repairinside
range is perfect for my hair as my tresses undergo a lot of heat and products
due to shoots.
The Repairinside shampoo lathers
up very well. Usually when I shampoo my hair I feel the urgent need to follow
it up with a conditioner but when I used this shampoo it left a non greasy layer
of moisture behind making my hair felt clean and hydrated. This shampoo really impressed
me and is my favorite product from this range.
The Repairinside conditioner has
a very light texture. Even though its light it moisturized my hair without
making it feel heavy and limp. After three days of washing my hair it still didn’t
feel dry and rough which is incredible.

Yesterday one of my colleagues
wanted to braid my hair (she does that often when she is bored, don’t ask). She
started braiding and these were her exact words “Wow Shanaya, You hair feels so
much softer and smoother than before. Look there are no knots either.” I told
her I started using Matrix’s RepairInside. This range goes hand in hand; you
have to use both the products to get the maximum benefit.  If you are planning to chop your locks up.
Wait a minute, take a breather and try out this range.


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the results are just WOW 🙂


Yes, I was surprised myself 😀


Super review!
I have to say, you look gorgeous in the first picture!


Aww.. Thank you so much Chandni 😀

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