What All Good Scents say about this product: Indulge yourself in a quaint symphony of flowers. For your blossoming youth and free spirit, celebrate ‘YOU’ with this elegant fragrance. Mixed with soft freshness, eternal youth, and the divine feminine that is YOU.

Price: Rs.1,500.

Shelf life: 5 yrs.

Net Content: 75 ml (Also comes in 30 ml – Rs.750)
Availability: Available here.
Fragrance Note: 


My thoughts: 

Some people
collect shoes, some collect stamps & some stones but since I was a kid I
had this mad passion for Perfumes. I was so intrigued by the fancy bottles and
how it made my mommy smell breathtakingly good. Perfumes are more than just
fragrance; it holds the power to take you on a walk down the memory lane or
that certain person. Before even I realized I had started collecting perfumes.
Each year the collection is getting bigger and better and so are the memories.
Whenever I
purchase a new perfume I don’t like to go through the fragrance note I always
sniff and try to figure it out. Mmmm… Is it rose, jasmine or lilies? And once I
am done pondering over it I go and see what notes I got right and what I missed
out on. This whole process gives me a strange happiness. From the
very first moment when I sprits Love & Joy on my wrist till date the
fragrance is unlike anything I’ve smelled before. Even right now I have sprits
it all over myself and I am still trying to wonder what exactly it is. It’s
driving me crazy (In a good way).
Before we
begin a little something about the brand as I am sure it’s new to most of you. All Good Scents is a brand who sells their perfumes
online. They have a huge selection of perfumes for both men & women.
Personally I feel their products are very reasonable priced as compared to what
is available in the market.
I am no
perfumer but I will try my best to review this you. This is a day time perfume.
The fragrance is very light and little sweet. Kind of reminds me of a warm
summer day, picnic in the garden and cold sugary golas. Yes I kid you not this
is what the fragrance makes me think of. A few days back when I wore this
perfume to work one of my colleague (a guy) stopped me and asked what I was
wearing as it smelled wonderful. I was very surprised as I didn’t realize I had
the perfume on me. So its guy approved too. The
perfume lasts for a good 3-4 hours in this hot and humid Mumbai heat. This is
currently my go to perfume. And honestly for the price of
their product range nothing beats it.
I am eyeing
Lolette too. It’s definitely on my wish list.

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This is pretty reasonable for a perfume. I'm currently eyeing one at M&S. It smells so good!



I know! M&S perfumes are really good and quite affordable too 🙂

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