What TRESemmé say’s about this product: The TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo &
Conditioner system gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is
healthy-looking and manageable, all while reducing split ends up to 80%
after just three uses*. This unique system, with our innovative
Reconstructing Complex, binds split ends and with continued use, this
system fixes damage as it occurs. This hair care for split ends leaves
strands looking salon fresh: soft, smooth and easy to style.

Price: Rs.80


Colour of the product: White

Shelf life: 2 Yrs.

Net Content:

Availability: Easy
My thoughts: If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know how prone my hair is to split ends. Since years I have been facing this issue. I feel like my hair has all the problems that are known in the world. Apart from split ends I have hair fall, thin limb hair with dry ends and oily scalp. Its much healthy now since the time I’ve been trimming it regularly (More detailed post will be up soon). I have always believed and I still believe there is no other option but to trim your hair if you have split ends. I mean how can you stick something back together that’s already into two, right? I have used the shampoo & conditioner from this range before. I don’t believe that any product can mend your split end, but what I do believe is that it can help prevent it by providing your hair with moisture and care. Products which are specifically designed to take care of your split ends, fights it so you can grow your hair longer and go extend the time between trims.

I always apply oil before I shampoo my hair. To test this conditioner and to see how well it works I skipped it. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this conditioner works. My hair felt soft and healthy. Try not to apply this any way near your scalp as any conditioner will make it oily and fall flat.
One of my favourite conditioner is from their Dry and damaged range. Over all this works well but I would still prefer the Dry and Damaged hair conditioner over this. Ladies let me repeat this again, ff you have split ends please do yourself a favour and trim it off. 
xoxo <3
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