What Close Up say’s about this product:

Price: Rs. 79


Fragrance: Fresh Mint

Colour of the product:

Shelf life: 2 yrs

Net Content:

Availability: Easy
My thoughts: Everyone like white sparkling teeth, earlier you couldn’t achieve this without the dentists help but in last 1 year or so we now have 3-4 whitening toothpastes available in the market *Thank god* I personally have tried them all. You have to use them for weeks that too twice or thrice a day before you see any results. I’m a very impatient person so I needed to find something that would give me quick results. When I spotted Close up diamond attraction toothpaste which guarantees visibly white teeth in 1 brush I was gravitated towards it like moth to a flame.

As you can see in the above image my teeth looks at least 2 shades whiter than before which is awesome. So for any important event I make sure I brush my teeth with this before heading out (Sounds like Makeup for your teeth right? :D).

The instant result this toothpaste gives is just incredible. It works like a regular toothpaste and didn’t make my teeth feel sensitive afterwards. You have to keep in mind that this is temporary by the end of the day your teeth will eventually go back to its original shade. For this price it’s a must try for everyone. I’m absolutely loving it.

xoxo <3
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