Whether its skincare, makeup or clothes, we women are known to look after every little detail that is important to us. That doesn’t mean you will have to do all that we do just take care of your skin and dress appropriately and you should be good to go. Your skin goes through the pollution, work stress, dirt etc which believe it or not affect your skin. So here I am sharing some of the tips that will help you maintain your skin without doing much and will ensure you look your best always. Most of the products in the market are available for women but recently more brands are getting aware that Men’s skin have special needs too and for how long will they survive with our face washes or worse that dirty bar of soap that has been god knows where!

1. Cleanse – The 1st step to any good skincare regime is to clean your face. This doesn’t mean you reach for the old bar of soap; it has detergent and deodorisers which is very harmful for your skin. Use a face wash instead, gone are the days when men used to use bar of soap on the face. A good face wash will get rid of dirt, oil and grime from your face leaving it nice and fresh. Wash your face at least 2 – 3 times a day depending on your lifestyle. If you won’t clean your face daily it will lead to clogged pores and break outs. Garnier Men have four face wash choose one according to your skin’s need : – Oil Clear Face Wash, Acno Fight Face Wash, Power Light Face wash & Intense fresh face wash

2. Scrub – Scrubbing is not just for girls, even your skin sheds and leaves a layer of dead skin behind which needs to be scrubbed off. Another plus point of scrubbing your face is that it softens your hair follicle which leads to a closer shave. Use a scrub once or twice a week at night time.

3. Razor – Most men shave 3-5 times a week so it’s important to choose your weapon of choice carefully. A good quality razor will give you that clean shave you are going after and it won’t cause in grown hair or give you razor burns. Make sure you use a moisturising shaving gel; it really does make a difference.

4. Aftershave lotion – Most men in India never follow this step, this is just as important guys! Aftershave lotion not just hydrates and smooths the skin but also helps heal the skin. Make sure your aftershave lotion is alcohol free as alcohol will just end up drying your skin.

5. Moisturise – After face wash, a moisturiser is must. Even though most men have oily skin type it is important to moisturise your face after every time you wash it. Remember guys, no girls like dry flaky skin, if that’s what we are going for don’t you think we would rather cuddle with a sheet of sand paper? Garnier has 2 moisturiser for men: – Power Light sweat + Oil control & Power light SPF 15 moisturiser.

6. Sunscreen – I never leave my house without applying sunscreen, It is very important even in monsoon. You need to wear your SPF every single day no matter what the season is. By skipping you sunscreen you are at risk to fine lines, wrinkles, pre mature ageing and worse of all skin cancer. Just because men look better with age doesn’t mean you will skip it. If you are lazy just like me try getting a moisturiser with in built sunscreen, make sure it contains SPF 30 or above.

7. Eyes & Lips – Most men tend to neglect these areas, but taking care of your eyes and lips are just as important. The area around our eyes is very sensitive and it’s the first place were signs of ageing shows, and believe it or not our lips too age drastically with time. So make sure you have a good hydrating eye cream which you should apply after every wash & re apply your lip balm throughout the day.(Bonus points if your lip balm has inbuilt SPF)

The next time you go shopping (Which I hope is not pretty rare) add a face wash, Moisturiser & sunscreen. In case you feel you can do the whole routine then add a Scrub, a good razor, aftershave lotion, eye cream & Lip balm too! I know it sounds a lot but you will see the difference in your skin within a month. Girls if you are reading this how about making a nice goodie bag with the above products & gifting it to them while you silently pray they use it? 😀

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