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My thoughts: I remember when I was a kid I heard someone say that you get black underarms because of deodorants and from that moment onwards until a month ago I never ever purchased a deo. I love to wear sleeveless, backless, halter necks etc. and to tell you the truth nobody like seeing dark underarms when you raise your hands. Due to the fear of dark underarms I always went with body mists and perfumes making sure I don’t spray either of them anywhere near my underarms. While typing this post I’m realizing how weird I really am. Moving on, my younger sister uses deo’s on a regular basis so I thought it will be best if we both use it together to know how well it works.  It’s been a month since we both have been using Nivea’s whitening deo and this is what I feel:-1. The bottle is the usual deo bottle; it is easy to travel with as the cap doesn’t open up unnecessarily.
2. It smells so fresh and light, for some reason it reminds me of the beach.
3. The fragrance doesn’t last for long just like most deos but it gets rid of body odour really well.
4. It leaves a slightly powdery feel behind which is pleasant especially during monsoon.
5. The formula has 0% Alcohol which means it won’t darken your underarms and the liquorice extracts will help reduce melanin production and repair your skin.
6. I don’t have dark underarms so I didn’t notice any whitening but my sister says her skin is slightly fairer than earlier.

Over all if you use deodorants on a regular basis why not try this one out? This is better than most harsh deodorants available in the market.

Hope this review helped.

xoxo <3

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Nice review dear, will check out! x


Was waiting for a review on this.

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