Hey Everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting any posts since last few days but I’ll be making up for it as I have a ton of posts lined up. If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook you would know that I was in Pune for the last 4-5 days for American swan Beauty & The blogger. Its a long picture heavy post so be prepared.


What is American Swan Beauty & the Blogger: The global Fashion &lifestyle brand American Swan in association with Famebox has launched a digitally-driven online reality show Beauty & the Blogger. The show has been conceptualized as a unique format and a platform where style & glamour join hands with social media. The show will shortlist and team up aspiring models with blogging enthusiasts to be able to showcase their talent and compete for the online viewers’ attention.
 Selected through an audition & shortlist process, 8 Bloggers will be paired with 8 models to
compete for the final honours. These teams will be pitted against each other for a 3-day challenge series set against a beach resort wherein, they will be competing on social media in real time. While the models bring in the glamour quotient the bloggers will create the social buzz for their teammate through
pictures, videos and real time updates. Video content created through the contest will be uploaded across social media platforms including an exclusive YouTube channel. The event will see actor and VJ, Cyrus Sahukar will host the show; the popular VJ and actress Anushka Dandekar will mentor the models while acclaimed fashion & social influencer Miss Malini will guide the blogging enthusiasts. The winning duo will be crowned the 2014 face of American Swan & the Social Media Brand Ambassador for the brand.  The winning team also gets to take home a cash prize of 5 Lakh and an uber-chic American Swan
wardrobe Rs 1 lakh each. TRESemmé, salon-quality hair care product & Lakme, the cosmetics & skincare brand are the associate sponsors of
the event.


4 days Before the Show: Few days before the Show I got a call saying that I have been selected to be one of the 8 bloggers for American Swan Beauty & The Blogger (Others are Bhumika, Karishma, Jeremy, Kaushal, Shristi, and Shalini) and so the journey began.
2 days before the show: We went to go get our fittings done for the show and our stylists were the amazing Style Cracker team. There we got together and the stylists help select our clothes, accessories and shoes for the show.
Photo Credit : Fashion Most Wanted
Day 1 
7 am: Since the beginning, our journey was full of drama. Half way towards Pune around Lonavala our Jam packed bus filled with crew, models and bloggers got broken down. There was a fire in the engine and so we quickly had to vacate the bus. In the middle of the nowhere we waited for our new bus
to come and rescue us. Meanwhile we all sat around in the shade and got to know each other (Models, Stylists, crew members). Finally after 1 and a half hour of waiting our new bus arrived and we moved ahead but oh no its not over yet after every 15 min our new bus stopped because it was getting over heated so we had to refill it with water every time. From Navi Mumbai to Pune it usually takes
3-4 hours but that day it took us 8 hours to reach the venue. 3 pm: Once we all got down from the bus and landed on our feet we were all mesmerized by the beauty of the resort we were staying
at (The Corinthians) it was so beautiful! I felt as if I was transported to Egypt/ Greece the place was simply heavenly (Will write a more detailed post soon). There we met our other three bloggers who were from Delhi and Bangalore: Shristi, Shalini & Himanshu. Yule (Our Director) gave us a pep talk of what
going to happen in the next few days and what we should be expecting.We then took the keys for our room and went over to get fresh. The room was just as good as the resort Bhumika, Karishma & I decided
to share a room together. 

Once we were fresh we went over to Alexandria (Our Makeup & Hair Station for the show) and that is where it all began.


We were give the agenda for that day. Then we shot back to back videos nonstop from 6pm to 1am. By the time we reached our room it was 2am and we were exhausted, we had a wake up time for 5:30 so we quickly called it a night and snuggled in our bed.

Day 2 
 5:30 am: With a bad headache me Karishma & Bhumika woke up and dragged ourselves to the stylists room to get our clothes for the day. Once done we went over to get our hair and makeup done by Tresemme & Lakme team. By the time we were all set it was 9 am so we sat down for our breakfast. Today was the day we were supposes to know who we will be pared with. 

Photo Credit : Kaushal Karkhanis

It started with us gathered around the beautiful swimming pool area with Models on one side of the pools in their sexy American swan bikinis on and all the bloggers on the another then our hosts Anusha, Cyrus and Malini came in and told us that there is a task happening thankfully it was only for our models and we had to just stand, enjoy the show and cheer them on. The task involved the models swimming in the pool and picking out an envelope which was in the bottom of the pool. These envelopes had a color card in them which will help decide which model has been paired with which blogger. The task was
being timed that means the first 3 quickest will get bonus points which will be totalled in the grand finale.


After the task swimming pool task we were all allotted inthe beautiful garden area where once again we were standing in one end and ourmodels on the other. We all got a chance to introduce ourselves to the Anusha, Malini,Cyrus and the models. After that each blogger was given an American swan bag with
a colored ribbon inside and the models had their envelops with the colored card inside. One by one the models opened their respective envelops and got paired with the blogger who had the similar color ribbon in the bag. 

The 8 teams are Akansha and I. Our team is called BATS which stands for Beauty and the Sinner. The
other teams are Bhumika & Priyanka, Karishma & Audrey D’Silva, Himanshu & Surbhi, Kaushal & Dimple, Jeremy Cabral & Anusua, Shristi & Leena, Shalini & Simran.

Now we got to know our 2nd task as a team, we were asked to click 3 Photos with our models under the theme Wacky, Sexy & Oomph.Photos I clicked :


We all ran around with our models in different direction and tried to get our task done ASAP. Finally at around 12 am we all had finished our task and the results were to be announced the other day.

Day 3
Again with the wakeup call of 5:30 am we grumpily dragged ourselves to our stylist’s rooms to get changed and then we went over to get our hair & makeup done. 

That morning we had a meeting with Miss Malini who gave us all the social media tips and tricks we needed to know to do our best and got us all fired up for the show. After that meeting all the bloggers
were pumped and ready for the competition. 

12 PM: We were called at the sports ground of The Corinthians. There our Host Cyrus and Anushka told us about the top 3 winners for the selfie challenge and the winners were. After the price distribution we were told about our 2nd task as a team. We went towards the arena where we spotted a
lot of activities happening, but all of a sudden it started to rain heavily and we had to cancel the shoot. We all went back to our rooms to change and get ready for Hollywood Night which was the event that was happening later on that night.Hollywood night was held at The First Brew House which was at The Corinthians were they served freshly brewed beer. You should try their apple cider. 

We got to
walk the red carpet and have a chilled out time. It was 2:30 am by the time it all ended and guess what our producer told us that our wake up time for the day was at 5 am!!

Day 4 
5 AM : In a numb zombie state we walked towards our stylists room to get dressed, I’m sure if any one saw us then would have freaked out and ran the other way to save their life but luckily no one spotted
us. We came back to our room after getting dressed and our producer told us we have an hour to ourselves so Bhumika, Karishma and I jumped inside our comforter and dozed off to sleep. With back to back called of our producer we got up got and our makeup and hair done and headed towards the pool side to have breakfast. We relished the hour that we got for breakfast as we had a long day ahead of us. 

We again went to the sports ground to get started with the activities we left on Day 3. We saw all the hurdles that Bloggers and our models were suppose to as a team. It started with a skinny ramp walk were bloggers had to walk thru beer bottles, hoola hoops and fish the products out then like a relay
race we had to clap our models hands so that she could begin with her task, which was to break a number of colored water filled balloons with her hands behind her back and needle in her mouth, after that the blogger had to got through a number of tiers and once done the models had to crawl their way out
of the muddy ground towards the small pool which was filled with water. There we had to clean our models and help them get changed. We then had to go get our models hair and makeup done and guess what all of these tasks were being timed continuously. The winners for this task were Akansha & I on no.1. Then the team pitied our sorry state and allowed us go to have lunch and get changed. 

That night we had to get ready for a special occasion which was the talent round followed by the grand finale. We all got dressed in our best dresses with the boys being all geared up in their tux. The talent round was more fun than I expected it to be. Other than Anushka & Cyrus our 3rd Judge for the night was Lauren Gottlieb! We all did our best at that talent round, some of us danced, some sang and BATS did a skit on the dramatic Indian serials.The winners for the talent round were me & Akansha on No.1, Shalini &Simran on No.2 and Shristi & Leena on No.3. Then we went off to have our dinner and prepare ourselves for the grand finale. 

Grand finale results were Karishma & Audrey on No.1, Himanshu & Surbhi on No.2 & Akansha & I on No.3. We were really surprised when the judged called our name as I was not expecting it at all but
due to us scoring the highest at the 2nd n 3rd task we made up for it. 

After the hard work everyone did, Yule decided to throw us a party in his room with the wine flowing and the Champagne popping we were all enjoying ourselves till 6 am.
Day 5
We all got a blissful sleep of 6 hours and at 12 we went to check out. Meanwhile we all gathered
around the reception area and sat down to chit chat as we wait for the bus. The bus ride home was extremely eventful with us all having fun and goofing around.


To tell you the truth at this moment, I don’t mind the lack of sleep or how we working our ass off. Now that I look back those 4 days have truly been amazing, late nights and early morning, making new friends and whining about how much our crew made us work. These four days will be remembered forever.
But the journey is not over yet. We still have a month to go. The videos will be going live on https://www.youtube.com/FameboxFashion soon so don’t forget to subscribe Famebox Fashion to keep up to date with all the madness. If you have managed to stick around through the entire post
(which I doubt) then you truly are amazing and I want to thank you all to be a part of this journey with me!
xoxo <3

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Seems like you enjoyed yourself!
Such a fun post 🙂


It was a blast ! Glad you liked it Safa 😀


what fun!! 🙂 loved the post 🙂


Thanks a lot love, It was lovely meeting you 😀


This sounds like so much fun! 🙂



It totally was 😀


So much fun Shanaya in return of a lot of hard work too! Worth it! Will meet you in person to hear about it!



Thanks a lot for all your support Ritcha ! It truly means so much to me 🙂 <3

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