Summer 2014 Hair trend report by Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and SpaStart planning your new season makeover now – with some help from our guide to summer 2014’s biggest and most fashionable hair trends. From messy bobs to extreme side partings and hair colours that are a rage this season, we pick the hair trends that you need to know this summer.

Textured Pixie Cut

The look: The pixie haircut is still on trend and is the perfect no-fuss look of the season. The textured pixie is kept soft and feminine with a slight edge. Hair has slightly ragged edges with long wispy bangs that follow that wispy edge up and around the ears. Hair is cut short around the ears but left slightly longer and soft around the rest of the head. Short layers at the crown help add shape and volume.

The tip: When hair is dry, grab your favourite pomade or wax hair product and pinch the ends of bangs and sideburns to create a pointed/piecey look. Use more product to rough up the crown to create shape and volume.

Extreme side partings

The look: Get the 1930s-inspired comb-over that looks super-sexy and oozes confidence. We’re not looking for something just off-centre– this is the extreme makeover version of a side parted style. Let your hair do the talking with a clean and classic, super straight side parting.

The tip: Use the end of your eyebrow as a guide, and then flick your hair to the adjacent side. Finish with the Kérastase Laque Couture for that extra radiance.

Twisted up-dos

The look: Forgo the bun this season, and instead opt for twisted up-dos, with lackadaisical flyaway textures. The style is perfect for a romantic yet playful evening look.

The tip: The style works best on hair that is washed a day before. To help your updo stay up, start by curling your hair with a curling iron. Spritz it with a hairspray before working on the style.

Messy Bob

The look: This hairdo is fun and flirty, with choppy layers and loads of texture. It’s also a low maintenance hairstyle, allowing your hair the freedom to take on its natural texture. The goal is to keep the movement in the hair so that it does not lie flat.

The tip: To style a layered, messy, short bob and achieve that out out-of-bed look, apply gel to towel-dried and then blow-dry with a round brush. A wax is applied to the ends to create a textured look.

Bohemian Milkmaid Braid

The look: The milkmaid braid is perfect for the summers. Aside from being utterly cute, this style is extremely versatile and fun.  The bohemian milkmaid braid, with its slim silhouette and head-wrapping elegance is a celebrity favorite too. The style works just as well with a pair of jeans as it does with a cocktail dress.

The tip: The trick is to make sure it is slightly messy. If the coif is too perfect, it ruins the effect of the relaxed, effortless boho style.

Hair accessories

The fast-track to pretty summer hair? Hair accessory of course! From gorgeous tiara inspired headbands and sparkly Grecian headbands to pretty floral ones that are synonymous with summer fun – pick any for that effortlessly chic look. A simple bow will also add heaps of feminine fun to your look.

Don’t forget to play with colours this season

Spice up hot summer days by adding few highlights to your hairstyle. One tone hair color is no longer trendy; instead multi tone hair color will make you look chic and stylish.

Highlighted shades are big news this season as well as ethereal styles and hair that’s full of body and volume. Summer often makes us want to try something new when it comes to our hair.

Natural hair highlights are back. Natural hair highlighting looks very impressive; this trick adds extra volume and definition to hair. Lighter highlights work well too. It breaks up the block color and adds depth to your color whilst giving it more movement. Make your hair glossier and shinier with sections in lighter tones which will improve how light reflects onto your locks.

The most important thing about hair color is that it should complement your complexion as well as personality so that you will feel comfortable and self confident. If you are not ready for drastic changes, you can begin your transformation by adding few tinted strands to your hairstyle.

The dark chocolate shade is a trend internationally. It is a kind of dark chocolate hue which goes well with most skin tones. If you are one of those women who want a change in their look but don’t want to experiment too much since they need to maintain a subtle, formal look then pick the dark chocolate colour which will definitely give you a new look. One can also opt for hazel or warm browns with blonde and honey.

Ombre hair colours have been creating a buzz on the red carpet, and it is taking over the streets as well. It looks cute on almost everyone and every age. Indian skin tones look best with ombre hair in warm shades. Smokey metallic is another trend this season. Smokey metallic hair has a brassy or golden base and it looks super cute with warm skin tones. It looks glamorous and works perfectly for Indian skin.

Summer is a time for understated styles. It’s all about letting the breeze whip through your strands, tousling your bun and unraveling your braid just a bit. Stay trendy and enjoy those carefree summer days.

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