What L’Oreal say’s about this product: The Rouge Caresse lipstick has a flutter of kissable, soft, colour. Its
delicate texture glides onto lips creating a veil of colour with a
luminous shine. It adds a desired pop of color with a meltingly soft

The lipstick contains light oils, crystalline wax, transparent blenders
and pearl pigments that deliver true color with a weight-less comfort.


None Listed.


Net Content: 

Shades Available:
10 (Mauve Cherie, Cheeky Magenta, Sweet Berry, Dating Coral, Hypnotic Red, Impulsive Fuchsia, Irresistible Espresso, Rock N Mauve, Rose Mademoiselle, Aphrodite Scarlet)


Hand Swatch:

On Me:

My thoughts: 

At times there are products that you like instantly (like
L’Oreal Shine Caresse) and there are a few products that you need to try a few
times before you like them. With L’Oreal Rouge Caresse when I tried it for the
first time I had chapped lips and it ended up being a bit of a disaster as no
lipstick looks good on chapped lips, this one settled in fine lines and I was
bummed. The 2nd time I tried it I made sure I had exfoliated and
moisturized my lips well and I was much happier with the result. I wanted to
use these lippies for a week or so before I reviewed it on my blog. The texture
is very smooth almost like a buttery lip balm and feels moisturizing on the
lips. This lipstick has light coverable which is buildable. The staying power
is okay. These lipsticks are more like a balm with better color pigmentation,
these lasts a good hour and a half on my lips and fades into a very subtle
stain. Over all these lipsticks do what it says provide shine and ton of
hydration to your lips without feeling heavy. If you like sheer lipsticks with
good moisturizing properties then this will work well for you.

xoxo <3

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You look damn gorgeous babes!! :* Loved the look and these lipsticks have a great texture, very balmy though low on pigmentation!


Aww.. you're a sweetheart, thank you so so much Niesha !! I agree it wish it had better pigmentation.. Thank you for stopping by 😀


so pretty..love both shades on u…


Thanks a lot Preethi 😀


Both shades are so pretty…….love them…..xoxoxo…..^_^


Yes they are ! Glad you liked them Maria 😀

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