I recently went on a Vacation to Goa and now I am left with a pile of my favorite colorful clothes
to wash. I wanted to find an alternative rather than just giving them
away for laundry. So I did some research and found out there are few
garments that you can wash with hand wash technique at home without
damaging them. To tell you the truth I don’t remember the last time I
gave my clothes for laundry, I clean all my colorful favorite dresses with the following method.
haven’t faced any issue with this hand wash technique but if you feel
your garments need to be sent to the laundry please do so. Don’t forget
to read the label, it tells you exactly how to take care of your

1.       Take
a bucket full of water and add a cap full of Godrej ezee or any mild
detergent that you like, why I prefer using Godrej Ezee liquid detergent is because Ezee comes with a ‘No Soda’ formula
which keeps clothes clean, bright and soft as compared to other
expensive powder detergents that are soda-laden. I use Godrej Ezee for
my favorite colorfuls as the SODA in powder detergents ( no matter how expensive they are) fades colorful clothes

 2.       Soak
your clothes in water for 20 – 30 min; don’t forget to give your
clothes a gentle rub in between. Make sure you don’t add too many
clothes at once.
3.       Rinse it with clean water and softly rinse till there is no left over detergent.


4.       Put your clothes on
a hanger and dry them in shade (I do this at night)
1.      Make sure you
immediately put your clothes on hanger once you’re your back home to prevent
them from wrinkling and getting dirty.
2.      Be cautious when
you eat try putting your napkin on your lap to prevent accidents.
3.      If  you do get
a stain on your garments, try dabbing ice water immediately before it settles,
don’t rub.
4.      Wash colors and
whites separately.
5.      Once your garments
are dry, use the seam of your clothing, fold it neatly and put them away.
To know more about
Godrej Ezee head over to:
xoxo <3
*I don’t own the above Image, Its from Anum Tariq.

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