It is very important to care for your hair if you want it to be soft, shiny and smooth. The amount of pollution that your hair bears everyday is one of the main reasons for getting hair problems such as hair loss, hair breakage, dull hair, etc. Anyone can get beautiful hair by following a healthy diet, keeping stress at bay and getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Also Protein is the main nutrient of your hair so consuming protein-rich food proves beneficial for getting stronger and healthy hair.
Here are some more tips for taking care of your hair:

1. Washing your hair everyday can reduce its natural oils and cause damage to the hair. So, rather than washing hair daily, it is preferable to wash them every alternate day or twice a week. It is also necessary to use a good quality shampoo to wash hair. There are many shampoos that contain chemicals like sulfates or parabens which are harmful for hair. Instead, it is preferable to use shampoos with natural cleansers.

2. A hair conditioner should be selected keeping in mind the hair type, length and damage it has gotten. It is best to condition hair immediately after shampooing which can help in keeping it nourished and manageable. People with dyed or colored hair need to take extra care of it. Deep conditioning is known to work wonders so it is best to do it once a week. It is essential to buy a hair conditioner of good brand or get a suitable home made solution.

3. Hair breakage or split-ends are a result of hair getting pulled out from follicles. So, it is necessary to use a natural-fiber comb which will gently untangle hair. The best time to brush hair would be right after shower once it is completely dry as brushing your hair when its wet will lead to more hair fall.

4. People tend to use appliances like hair dryers after washing their hair. Blow drying your hair makes it rough and dry. A hair dryer needs to be used sparingly as it can weaken the hair roots causing hair breakage. A better way to dry hair would be to pat-down the hair and gently squeeze them with a towel or an old t-shirt then leaving it to dry naturally.

5. Many people tend to face split-ends as they don’t cut their hair when its needed. The best way to curb the split-ends problem is to take hold of some hair shears and cut about ¼ inches of hair from just above the splitting. This process needs to be repeated within six to eight weeks time.


6. Healthy hair needs no more. Since repeatedly styling hair can cause hair damage, it is necessary to avoid hair styling techniques such as bleaching, straightening, curling, perming, crimping or coloring hair. Although, it is preferable to opt for these techniques once in a while. Excessive dyeing and coloring is also known to damage hair so it is essential to use these hair treatments only when required. Also, make sure that extra stress is not put on hair follicles while styling which can eventually damage the hair roots.

Healthy hair is happy hair. Hope the tips above helps your mane look their best all year long!

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