Everyone was kungfu fighting..that’s what I was grooving to when I felt like a twitch in my tummy. Can one feel hungry 25 minutes after a decent potion of lunch, hungry like a beast..lol..that’s me! Great Diet and even better metabolism.
I was home alone, parents were out, my bf in the UK for business, friends busy since it was the start of the week and I’m not the ‘get inside the kitchen and cook’ types. Also I am ridiculously tired of the 2 or 3 places I order a meal from while I’m at home. I needed a change!

Technology is the change and that’s what drove me towards my computer and the untapped-unlimited source of
information, the Google Search Page! I searched for “order food online” and came across this website which I think is more like a need of the hour for all of us.. www.Foodpanda.in!
Foodpanda, yeah! Especially when you are listening to kungfu fighting, you think of the cutest kungfu panda and then I find this website that is a solution to my forever hunger pangs, food panda! Sounds more like a revolution to me, the way these guys have made their website is pretty cool, I browsed it thoroughly and love their concept “ordering food can be fun”.
About foodpanda.in, remarkably placed information all over their home page, easily navigable, an online chat option and the biggest wonder is the number of restaurant tie ups that they have. I found dishes that I could have never thought of ordering or even finding them in my area. Way cool!
This was my first experience with an online food ordering website, even though I am getting savvy with technology it never occurred to me that ordering food from the comfort of your home was now that easy. No “telephono”, no saving brochures and menu cards, not even the need of food discount coupons, not having to run to the ATM or figure cash when you can simply pay online. I don’t think ordering food at your doorstep could get any more convenient and I certainly recommend this website to
all my readers.
So all you do is select your city, then your area and sub and VOILA..find that amazing lip smacking meal without moving
and inch, keep your fb and social networking going..uninterrupted! (for Navi Mumbai, you still select Mumbai and that’s what I would want them to change, treat my home town as a separate entity)
When you are ordering from www.foodpanda.in you need to know it really doesn’t matter how much money you have with
you because they have such a huge variety of options and layered out minimum order requirements. I saw one where the minimum order was 150 and delivery span just 20 mins. Beat that!
Well now I would like all of you to get that first experience of yours on www.foodpanda.in especially coz they are running an offer for diwali where you could with the I-Phone 5S in Gold (most countries have the I-Phone 5S Gold Sold out and I hope I can win it).


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