Karaoke World Championship, KWC – India; Sponsored by McDowells it was the Grand Finale organized at Canvas Lounge-Phoenix Mills, Mumbai on 6th Oct and since it was the Grand Finale it had to be a grand event. 2 lucky Karaoke singers from India would be given an opportunity to go to Finland and participate in the KWC which ofcourse is a big thing!


Savio D’Sa as you might know him is the pioneer and king of Karaoke in India and after meeting him in person I feel he deserves that crown;vibrant with energy and always wanting to take the house a notch up; I love his Spirit.


I was invited to this event as a VIP (ahem ahem); I decided to take my boyfriend along with me for this event since it was not the usual beauty – girlie events that I attend. We were amongst the first few to get in there and were welcomed with gusto; Canvas Lounge has an extremely friendly staff I must say (except for a few at the bar..jk). There was so many familiar faces out there; Nikhil Chinappa, Manasi Scott, legendary singer Raghav, Shibani Kashyap and (also quite a few well known media personnel and many other celebs whose names I cant recollect). Overall I would rate the aura at the place when we entered as BOUNCY!






Him and I were escorted to the VIP section which is on the elevated section of Canvas, where we found media staff, live editors, Karaoke artists and the man of the day Savio D’Sa. I guess another reason why the event had an air about itself was because it was being covered by MTV India, goes without saying it had a global feel to it. We had a few drinks and the well awaited competition was then announced by Savio after which we had contestant after contestant singing their heart out. I realized that these contestants were not random; they were zonal crown owners. There were Karaoke Kick Offs held locally and
every one singing tonight had won some laurels in their representative zones.No wonder the quality of playback singing tonight was flawless.
Impressive competition, warm-welcoming people, friendly vibe,mouth smacking starters and endless liquor rocked throughout the scene and I had my camera and vid-recorder going all the while.After a good 2 hours of non stop action we finally awaited
the moment, with the stage set up; oh wait and then we had Manasi Scott sing TITANIUUUUUUUUUUMMM…oh my god, she was breathtaking and by the time she finished we had a few of the Karaoke contestants join in with her; this made the moment and the sensation in my ears comparable to Bliss..;-)



So yeah, award time..the toughest time for all of us especially when the competition gets needle thin but after all it was a competition and there had to be a winner. Rupin was the chosen male and Meghna was the lucky girl; the crowd went ablaze, none of us were shocked though since everyone out there deserved to win that night. The duo will now go to Finland to compete against the global stars and I pray they make us proud. To conclude..What a great evening!!!


About KWC
McDowell’s No. 1 Karaoke World Championship powered by MTV & AXE is being conducted across 13 cities in India with 75 championships and parties which were scheduled from 20th August – 20th September. The championship will culminate in
India Finale to be held on 6th October, Mumbai where ultimate winners (1 Male & 1 Female) who will win an all expense paid trip to Lappeenranta, Finland to represent India at the World Championship scheduled from 20th to 24th November. World’s best amateur singers will perform in Holiday Club Saimaa, at a finale which will feature 25 other counties. Karaoke World Championships provides the world’s best karaoke entertainment with the World Champion title in a men’s and women’s series. KWC has been organized annually since 2003.
About Brand
“McDowell’s No. 1 has always driven the promise to its consumers, to add a golden touch to moments with friends. To bring alive the brand philosophy  of “Dosti ka No 1 Spirit”, the brand has constantly endeavored  to engage the young adult.
For this purpose, the brand has used Music as a key interest space and a necessary ingredient to a get together with friends which culminated in the brand new McDowell’s No 1 Karaoke App. Further, Chris Gayle featured in the Music video “Humma Humma” which brought alive the entire purpose of the app. The McDowell’s No1 Karaoke World Championships takes this on ground across India, letting consumers channel their inner rockstar, creating great moments with friends.”

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This seems like such a cool event. And to think about it I didn't even know that something like World Karaoke Championship existed..


It really was so much fun 😀 Same here.. Before this I didn't really have an idea about KWC 😀


Wow!! seems alike a great event! you look fab dear! Hope you had fun! pic says that all.<3




Aww. Thank you Niesha.. It was ton a fun 😀 Muuah <3


Thank You Shanayas for this beautiful piece just stumbled upon it. Cheers & yes you are very kind with your compliments. Keep Shining.

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