I’ve been using the Garnier White complete multi action
fairness range for almost a week now. And here are my thoughts on the product line.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness
Cream – Net content & Price :  40g
For Rs. 150.00/-  

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Face
wash  – Net content & Price :  50g For Rs. 78.00/-

 What the product claims (Facewash) : 

 What the product claims (Cream) :

Ingredients (Facewash) : 

 Ingredients (Cream) : 
Shelf Life: 36 months

Color & feel of the product:  white & creamy.

Smell: Mild.

Availability: Easy

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream : There
are so many fairness creams available in the market today. Honestly speaking I’ve
never tried a fairness cream before.  To my surprise
I really liked this one and its been a week that I’ve been using it so I
can’t say much
about its effect on skin tone but what I like is that it has SPF! I like
creams (touche’ effect)that multi
task so in the morning I can just put this on and not worry about
sunscreen. I
have an oily combination skin type and this cream is really light weight
gets absorbers easily, I heard that some people say it makes their skin
look a
little shiny and oily but that dint happen for me. But one thing that I noticed was that it
leaves a slight
white tint behind which gets absorbed in about 2-3 mins.  It’s affordable and I like that the package is
travel friendly, I have it in my backpack and it dint spill once. Another plus
point is that it’s suitable for all skin type!

Garnier White Complete Fairness Face Wash : I’ve used so
many face washes in the past and at times I face a problem where the face wash strips
the oil from my face leaving a very dry tight feeling however I didn’t feel
that with this face wash. You need a very small potion and it lathers really well. My
face feels clean after I use it yet not dry.  It can be safely used on all skin. Removes any
leftover make up and impurities. Affordable, Easy to carry no problem of
leakage. The only downside is that it has paraben.

Over all I’m very happy with the product line and will continue
to use it until I come across something better 😀

Have a nice day 😀

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Nice Review


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I want to try this range too! nice review Shanaya.:)


Thanks for stopping by Niesha 😀


i itsafe during pregnancy


i itsafe during pregnancy

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