I was sent a coupon from Purplle.com for Jazz Up Salon; I was not familiar with the brand but I sure was up
for a trial. As usual I got inquisitive and I immediately went online and “googled”
it. I came across some very interesting stuff.. I figured they even have their
own website and you can check the same here

Now that its monsoon our feet suffer the
most I feel.. mud, dirty water and god knows what else. I said to myself that it
would be best if I treat my feet with a pedicure; a well deserved one! 

It was Saturday when I finally thought I’ll
go check out the salon but I was unsure whether they would accept the coupon
and unlike most salon they did accept coupons on weekend I felt really happy
about the same. The lady who attended the call was kind enough to let me know
on other offers and stuff.

Once the appointment was fixed I got a text
stating the same. All tech savvy !

When I reached the waiting area of jazz up
I was welcomed by a kind spa like feel and the friendly staff guided me thought
the entire procedure. 

When I entered the salon it was well lit;
great ambience, nicely spaced and bright yellow. It felt good to see that after
such gloomy monsoon days.  A thorough

The lady who was about to do my pedicure
took great care of me making sure I was comfortable throughout. And when she
massaged my feet,  god don’t even get me
started it was blissful! ahh..

I was getting my pedicure done in the next station I started chatting up with
this lovely girl (Hey Sonia :D) and I found out she stays almost nearby my place. We spent the
entire time chatting about random beauty stuff and she told me that she travels
all the way from her house over to this Salon for the Waxing session; which she says is the best  😀

I really liked the feel of the salon and I
think it’s one of the best salon I’ve come across in a long time.

One of my friends Shikha Agarwal from Sorelle Grapevine even
mentioned in my check in that she got her haircut done from here and she is
waiting to come down to Mumbai because she liked it so much.

I have nothing negative to say about the
salon. I’m really glad that my experience was so pleasant !

If you guys stay in Mumbai I would deff
suggest checking their salon out 😀
xoxo <3

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It looks amazing!



Thank you 😀


Nice review. seems awesome 🙂


Glad you liked it Ayantika 😀


hey Shanaya,

also to add, this landmark became our meeting point and hope to see you soon n many thanks for the mention and all the suggestions u offered over brands/ places… keep going 🙂 Cheers…


Awww… Thats so sweet of you to comment here Sonia 😀
For sure, can wait to meet ya soon 😀
Muaah <3


Looks like a fun salon. And yep, once Ramazan is over we shall have our makeup date.
❤ Amena.
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For sure, cant wait 😀


this is really awesome

how about following each other


Its sound like a awesome but Beauty Salons Pinecrest is much better than it. I think there are some conjugated issue…!

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