Its strange how I never got an opportunity to share this
story with you guys, especially because I update my girls about almost
everything that’s happenin’ in my life.
Karishma and I paid a visit to Carter Road post a Revlon
event and I was taken by awe! I am not very updated about the events that occur
at Carter road; that day a portion of Carter road (near CCD) was adorned by an
incredibly talented art show. Le Sutra – The Art Hotel, had organized a road
exhibition in compilation with the finest artists. Once you browse through the
pics that I have posted you will know exactly what I am talking bout’.
I wish I get notifications about such events because there
is so much for the eye and soul at such places it almost makes you forget about
your existence. 

xoxo <3

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Beautiful..! M sad i missed it.



Dont worry doll, Next time ill update you before hand 🙂


Ah you put this up!! Seriously had so much fun that evening 🙂


Haa haa yes finally did. Emailed you 2 pix check it out.. Muaah love ya.. <3


I love the painting with the bright shades of blue and orange – such a beauty 🙂

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