Few weeks ago I posted a skin care routine that I abide by and you guys loved it so I thought I’ll do a hair care routine too. It seems like I have all possible hair problems in the world. Oily scalp, dry hair, split ends, thin and there is no volume. I have wavy hair around shoulder length. Due to a consistent routine I have experienced commendable but gradual improvement in the quality of my hair.

*I’m not getting paid to do this post. All the products mentioned below have been bought by me.


Parachute Coconut Oil & Hair Fall Control Aroma Oil.

   1. Oiling.

I take oiling my hair very seriously. I do it every time I’m about to wash my hair. I use aroma anti hair fall on my scalp which is a potion prepared by my aunt (Will link her down below) every night and give myself a nice head massage. The oil  needs to stay for 8 hours before you can wash it off so I apply parachute coconut oil on my mid lengths and tips half an hour – 1 hour before I’m about to wash my hair.

Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo, Tresemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo, A&HS Shampoo
2. Shampooing.

I use 3 shampoos currently but not all of them at once. I see how my hair feels and according to that chose my shampoo. I love Tresseme’s products, they are always the best and suit my hair. The Tresseme Smooth & Shine shampoo works like wonders, lathers a lot and leaves my hair feeling great but if you use regularly it might weigh your hair down. Like I mentioned earlier that I have limb hair so when I feel its heavy or limb I use Herbal essence Volumizing shampoo, I won’t say it gives a voom volume but it does u leaves my scalp feeling clean and my hair doesn’t dry off that easy if I use a good conditioner post the wash. I love aroma and hair shampoo it has less chemicals than all the shampoos out there. Its SLS free and Makes my hair feel great. Always wash your hair thoroughly with water to make sure any residue of shampoo is removed or it will damage your hair further.

Tresemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner
3. Conditioner.

I’ve been using Tresseme Smooth & Shine conditioner for just about the last 6 months. I’ve bought it 2-3 times now! Hands on – the BEST conditioner I’ve ever used. No matter how dry your hair is this is the most friendly solution available… my hair feels so moisturized after I use it. Can’t find any cons in this product. Always Keep your conditioner for no more than 1-2 Mins.

Soulflower Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil.
4. Serum.

For serum I use Soulflowers’s jojoba oil. After I wash my hair I towel dry it then I take few drops of the potion and apply it to my hair ends and the remaining on mid length. Really great for frizzy hair. For people who can’t find Moroccan argan oil this can be a great alternative.

Hair Fall Control Gel.
5. Other products.

As I had mentioned I have hair fall which is why a hair fall control gel is great for taking care of it. It’s not sticky and won’t weigh your hair down. My bf loves this as he feels his hair looks great after he uses it 😀 It’s a good product just to take care of your hair problem. All you gotta do it apply this product to your scalp and give your self a light massage. I do this at night and it instantly relaxes me, A great way to wind down after a hectic day.

Divo Brush & The Body Shop Comb
6. Combs and brushes.

The wide tooth comb is from The Body Shop and the brush is from Divo. Both the brushes won’t pull on your hair leading to hair fall. My  tip would be to always brush your hair from the ends first and then the top.

Q & A.

Q. Have I ever dyed or colored my hair?

A. I have never done the above and  might never do it till I’m old.

Q. How often do I wash my hair?

A. Once in 3 days.

Q. Do I use styling tools or blow dry my hair?

A. No I don’t, once a year may be if I have to.

Q. Do I always oil my hair before I wash it.

A. Yes, always.

Q. How often do I trim my hair?

A.  Every 3-4 Months

Q. Anything else I do in order to take care of my hair.

A. I always towel dry my hair, and comb it only when it is dry, I don’t use any rubber bands; only hair clips that wont damage my hair.

You Can find Aroma products that  I have mentioned above here.

Xoxo <3

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Hope this post helps 😀


I used 'Capigro' which helped me a lot in making my hair smooth and helped in avoiding irritating dandruff. Hope it should help you too.


Nice post shanaya.
I also oil my hair before shampooing.


Thank you Karishma, No wonder you have lovely hair.. 😀


I love it!!! I'm gonna try this now!


Sure 😀 Do let me know if it helps 😀


We use similar hair products! I love parachute and tresseme too 😀 Have you ried macadamia hair? It has amazing hair products. You can check out my blog if you like: http://www.glamdiaries.com 🙂


We use similar hair products! I love parachute and tresseme too 😀 Have you ried macadamia hair? It has amazing hair products. You can check out my blog if you like: http://www.glamdiaries.com 🙂


V informative tips, i dont even oil my hair before washing


Hello. I have also written an article on "Several Beauty Tips" on my blog. So if you can give a back link to my article from your website. I will be highly thankful to you. Here's the link to the article.


Thanks for greeting me.


Very helpful tips on hair care.. Thanks for sharing it. Keep posting more tips on hair care..

Healthy Hair


Your hair will be beautiful and healthy if you combine hair care products with right nutrition. Most nutrients for hair are received from blood, not from outside. That is why your food should be reach in vitamins. In addition, vitamins could be taken separately. I am taking special dietary supplement for hair – Hair Gain Formula by Military Grade. It contains natural compounds which enhance hair growth. My hair becomes more shiny and thick. I really like how this product works for my hair!


All the points mentioned are really worth full And also we need to follow a proper diet to keep our hair in good condition.

Protein for hair


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