TGIF…made its best application for me today; Friday could
not have been better!
I was cordially invited to attend a L’Oreal Event for its new
mobile app launch called “The Color Genius”. Girls I can say this app is
definitely worthwhile and unlike most it keeps up to its name, I mean it’s
really a genius! 

So here’s an eg. of what it does; prepare your attire for the
day except for your make-up – now take a pic through your smartphone that has “The
Color Genius” app embedded. Easy.. Leave the rest to the app – Once you access
the image through the app you will notice that the Genius has an ability to
detect the colors of whatever clothes you are wearing. After the app has
figured your outfit’s colors all you have to do is select your mood (Match It /
Blend It / Clash It) and whether it’s Night or Day.

ABRA KA DABRA …. The Color Genius will now correspond your attire, mood and day
time to an appropriate set of make-up that includes Nails, Lips and Eyes. Super
cool..I love it!

The event started with Prachi And Then Dhvani from Foxy Moron
giving us a brief L’Oreal Brand Awareness session; I really like her!

Next we had Anushree who ran us by the entire application
showing us navigation techniques and how we could make optimum utilization of
the Color Genius. She concluded shortly leaving us with playful fingers and
some clicking so we knew we had already mastered the app.

There was a photo shoot wherein we were asked to enter the App
(Literally) – See Below! It was fun and we were asked to chose colors that we
like and of course we had the free will to pose alongside any of us Sisters!

Me & Dayle <3

The Foxy Girls 😀

What do you think happened next; we were at China Gate
so it was time for them to express their gratitude to us, I love this part. We
relished on some Chinese starters that left my salivary glands super hydrated.

Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Ice Cream is what we
encountered as desert to conclude our meals for the day.

Me & Anushree. 

All of us got a complimentary makeover (Night/Day) carried
out by a L’Oreal Professional MUA and girl I must say; she knew exactly how to
highlight my features and adorn my beauty giving me the perfect Night Look.

It’s obvious now that I had such a gorgeous make over, well
not just me but even my gals we didn’t feel like just going home and drawing
out a very neutral end to the wonderful event; so we decided to go to Candies!!

Get your 1 minute Make Up adviser on your phone now! Get your COLOR GENIUS FREE!
FREE Download on Android –
FREE Download on iPhone/iPad –
xoxo <3

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The app will be a lot of fun for makeup lovers..
And yay I finally went to Candies with you 😀


Hell yeah, 😀 Next time we will take Varsha along and stay there for longer 😀


The eye makeup is fabulous….lovely pics 🙂


Oh yes it was, Thank you 😀


Thanks a ton Dollie <3


I love L'oreal and this application sounds great, I'm definitely going to try it out 🙂
Oh and the food looks delicious!


Do try it out, I bet you will like it 😀
Thx doll..


Such a blast meeting you, love :*


Same here Dayle <3 *Hugs*


After seeing your pics I am even more heart broken that I missed this event due to last minute work. Love the makeup. You look lovely.
❤ Amena.
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Aww.. wish you where there doll.. hope to cya soon 😀

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