Few days back i was Invited for the Preview of Elizabeth Arden’s New line ‘Prevage’

Few things about Elizabeth Arden :- Starting in 1910, an age when it was rare for women to wear make-up much less run their own businesses, Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa on Fifth Avenue and began to build  one of the the world’s first global beauty brands. As an advocate for women’s rights she once marched past her Red Door Salonon Fifth Avenue alongside 15,000 fellow suffragettes, all wearing red lipstick as
a symbol of strength. During WWII she developed cosmetics for the women who served in the military. And in 1946 she became one of the first women to ever be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Not only was Elizabeth Arden among the first to apply scientific innovation and rigor to the beauty industry, she was world-famous for her holistic approach to beauty. As far back as the 1920’s she
was encouraging women to hydrate, avoid the sun, and practice yoga daily. As an entrepreneur, a women’s advocate, and a champion for holistic beauty, Elizabeth Arden was in many ways a 21st century woman, whose beliefs seem more relevant today than ever before.

The New line ‘Prevage’ Has an special Ingredient called ‘ Idebenone’ It helps Protect your skin from Free Radicals that can be caused by exposure to pollution and sun.Free Radicals cause your skin to age prematurely. Idebenone is the most powerful anti oxidant available in the market which helps protect the skin from free Radicals. For younger, radiant and healthier skin. 
 Goodie Bags 😀
It was such a fun event, learned a lot, made loads of new friends and an afternoon well spent 😀

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The line looks lovely 🙂



Oh yes i tried some of the product and its really great 😀


oh wow its great…turtok.com

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