Hey Everyone..
Its been so long since i just sat down and randomly spoke to you guys.
1st things 1st My bff Just Started his Photography Page on FB and it would be awesome if you guys could go check it out and like the link Faisal AK Photography
Yesterday I travelled down to South Mumbai With my very bad ass Aunt and it was a blast..
we both had a huge bag of Cheese popcorn which was ‘oh so yum’.

Cheese Popcorn

And i dint even realised that i ended up spending around 700 bucks on chocolates!! 😛

Laco, Skittles, Sour Punk Candy stick, coldstar pepermint and rose mint, zazzy, ice breakers sours, Wonka sour nerds, war heads extreme sour hard candy, little skittles, wonka gobstopper.

Godiva Choclate

& Later On we headed to Rahul’s Parents home for dinner, which again was a treat for my tummy 😀

When I was waiting in the the car, Rahuls came back and surprised me with this, God, hes so freaking cute man! (When you press it, It says ‘ILOVEYOU’ :D)

And OMG guys look at the view here, Doesn’t it look so beautiful??

Evening Sky, Clouds

I hardly slept for 3 hours last night and got up at 8 in the morning (which is very god damn early for me as i usual wake up around 12 :P) And what do I see 4 little bunnies hopping on my bed, Oh yes they were just randomly flopping around like its nobodys business.. As i got up they ran outside the door to their Mommy.

Little Bunny Rabbit

I have a bad headache and as our maid is not well from past one week, My room is in a mess. I just got done doing Jhadu pocha ! (Cleaning the floor) Yup that’s right. It was like a good ass busting workout. I just needed some positivity so I added some sea salt in the tub (the one i used for cleaning the floor)
and Lit up these yummy smelling Vanilla Incense stick.

Vanilla Incense stick

Right now I’m addicted to Cafe Mochas & Momos !

Cafe Mocha Coffee

More Coffee

And some more coffee



Now for the haul part :-
Few Days back i went shopping for some toiletries shopping so i thought i might as well make a post out of it..
If you guys are expecting anything fancy, Nope you ain’t gonna find anything in here.
Its just some completely random stuff 😀 and most of them is just repurchases.
I got few things  that I’m sure you guys are gonna fall in love with, but we’ll keep that for anther post ! *a little bit of suspense is always necessary* 😛

Ps: Sorry for the bad quality pictures as i had taken them at 4 in the morning.

*4 AM*
Me : (Trying to place a toothpaste in different angle)
*Click click click click* (Clicking Photos of the toothpaste while trying to balance myself in a weird Position)
Mom : (Comes out of her bedroom and wondering what is all the Nuisance about) *Shakes her head* and Mumbles I only asked for one normal Kid (Goes inside the bedroom)

I guess I’m the only one who didn’t try the baby lips for so long, I wanted to, but had a bunch of Lip Balms that needed to be used.

Maybelline baby lips in berry crush

I bought these Just for trial, I have around 7 Different shampoos in my bathroom right now and i don’t even use half of them.
Garnier Fructis long and strong shampoo and conditiner

This is a re-purchase, The best eye cream for day time 😀
Himalaya Under eye cream

Lakme eye conic kajal

Nivea body wash
 I saw my little sister using this Clean and clear daily scrub, so i tried it out and I’m loving it 😀
The other two are Re-purchased 🙂

I am using Glister By amway but i count find it any more so bought the Pepsodent as i dint find any other whiting toothpaste, I use parachute on my hair (Duh) and to remove my make up 🙂

I don’t really like this shampoo, If you guys are planning on Buying It, Its not worth it.
Loreal Repair anti hair fall shampoo

And I just received my Tressemme Sample, Ive Raved about this product, Cant wait to review it 😀

Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for dry rough hair

 That’s all for now !!

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omg haul this is 😛 ………. :drool: :drool: :drool:


Hee hee Im glad you liked it Gowthami 😀


Waddup 😀 Look at that haul!!! Lady control hahaha! Those food! I havent had lunch yet and I'm already hungry now 🙁 I miss the pani puris in Mumbai 😀 Had loads of it when I last visited mumbai! Happy weekend my friend! <3



Next time your in Mumbai, we surely gotta meet up girl 😀
You too, God bless 🙂


Wow! That's a lot of yummmyyy looking food!!
Dolet me know how the new Lakme Kajal works.


Heya Shreeja, I would say Lakme Kajal is much better than Maybellines one, They have raised their prices from 150 to 175 and lakme is 199 its worth buying Lakme for 14 rs more 😀


So many mouthwatering pics!! I have the eyeconic pencil too and its my everyday eye make up tool, very happy with it! Vanilla incense sounds interesting too!
Participate in the give away and win a cute satchel plus more!


Same here 😀 Im really liking lakme's kajal..
Muaahh !


Hey, yup the eye cream is a repurchase 😀 Its really good.. I wont say it will vanish your dark circles caz thats ethr cause lack off sleep, food or Genitics but its very nice for dry under eye and best under make up. With this product very little goes a long way.. a tube will last you for ever 😀
For sure if i get a chance will try the USA one 😀
Thank you for stopping by 😀


oh wow ur on a roll…awesome..candy heaven followed by momos and more shopping..im J
also I am so sorry about the trouble uv been having with my blog…dont know why…I hope it fixes itself..but do keep dropping by 🙂


omg!! the bunnies are soooo cute!!!!
how do u take care of them?
im dying to get a pair too

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