Cleanse Once, Cleanse Twice: Breaking Down Double Cleansing

Washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is common practice, but if you wear makeup or live in a polluted city, double cleansing in the evening is a particularly important ritual to add to your routine. Double cleansing, which comes from the ten-step Korean beauty regime, takes … Continue Reading

Staying On Top Of Life With A Good Network!

I think life would be impossible without my phone.   My day starts with checking the latest social media updates. Throughout the day, I end up surfing the net, calling friends, clients and texting acquaintances all over the world. And of course, I end my day by streaming a TV show. (I am currently watching … Continue Reading

The Monthly Mumbai Edit: Your Curated Guide to Five Special Things April Brings

A round-up of some of the very best things to do in the metropolitan city each month… Movies: The Short Screenings On the 5th of April, the CineShorts Film Appreciation Club screens a selection of short indie films at the creative Castiko Space. The four films are directed by Mithun Bajaj, Aneeta Patel, Venky AV … Continue Reading

20 Ways to Live A Creative Life

To live creatively is to tread upon unknown territory, to live a life full of adventures. It’s a way of being that bursts with exploration, discovery, invention, originality and self-expression. Unleashing your creative spirit on the world demands a deference to the rulebook – except for ours! Here’s our manifesto to living a creative life. … Continue Reading

Why, How & Whom to Vote in 2019 Indian General Election

The biggest myth I feel is that India is a DEMOCRACY. In reality? Not really. If you are wondering what a Democracy is, basically it is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives. US President, Abraham Lincoln defined Democracy as “a … Continue Reading

Get Up and Go! What to Eat to Boost Your Energy

Lately, my mornings have been a bit sluggish. They’re not as bright as they should be, I’m not as zippy as I want to be and, quite simply, I’m missing out on energy. After a few months of languid listlessness, I woke up to realize that the biggest change I could make towards a better … Continue Reading