How to Digitally Detox Part 2: Phone & Desktop

Our devices carry A LOT of information – from emails to documents, books to videos, music, pictures and memes, they’re virtually pretty heavy. As most of us are on our computers and phones all day long so it makes sense to keep these devices less cluttered. Imagine a world where you’re greeted with an uncluttered … Continue Reading

How To Make The Most Out Of Quarantine Days

Okay, so life has changed for all of us lately. No more going to work, to the gym, errand-running, coffee breaks, lunch with friends or drinks with the girls. And as we watch our routine crash while confined inside, it might be hard to be as productive as earlier. But, if this is the new … Continue Reading

How to Digitally Detox – Email & Social Media

Running out of storage, overwhelmed by spam, or loads of information downloading upon you that isn’t important for your survival? As it’s Spring now, the season calls for a bit of cleaning (get on your Marie Kondo). Here’s a step by step guide to digitally detoxing your life and making it work the best for … Continue Reading

Things To Do For A Smooth & Safe International Travel

Everyone loves to travel, be it a quick getaway to an island nearby or a week long vacation to a top tourist destination. Social media sources enticing us with adequate infotainment on untapped locations we see more affinity towards experiences than buying tangibles. Did you know that international tourism has increased from 528 million in 2005 to 1.19 … Continue Reading

Right Way To Care For Your Oily Skin

While that dewy shine can be magical in just the right amount, when there’s too much of it on our face, it creates all the wrong kinds of glow. This overabundance of shine is caused by excess sebum production that results in oily skin.  Larger, clogged pores that can form blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Although … Continue Reading

My Go-to Quick & Easy Heatless Hairstyles

It’s been a year of major hair colour transformations for me, I started 2019 with a chocolate balayage, moved to rose gold by mid of the year and towards the end opted for Burgundy. Although colored hair phase was fun the constant heat did stress my tress and I’ve decided to give my hair a … Continue Reading